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adrenal supplements and pulse

im taking natural sources raw adrenal for about 2 weeks now and my pulse has gone from 50-65 to 75-90

im on 1/4 grain one day and 1/2 grain NDT the next

my dr dont know im on medication

could it be the adrenal is to strong? i cant 1/2 the tablet as its capsule but can buy empty capsules and refill

was at dr yesterday due to ankles swelling and she checked blood pressure 120/80 pulse was 67 (typical) and oxygen 97

latest bloods taken about 6 weeks ago due to sever thirst

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD ....90 ml/min

serun triglycerides....1.51 mmol/l

serum cholesterol....4.09 mmol/l

serum total protein.....74 g/l

serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level...28 u/l

serum total biirubin level....7 umol/l

AST serum level....17 u/l

serum alkaline phosphatase......41 u/l

serum albumin ....38 g/l

serum creatinine ....57 umol/l LOW

serum potassium....4.3 mmol/l

serum sodium.....137 mmol/l

serum tsh ...2.5 u/ml

blood glucose....5.2 mmol/l

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I too have been taking the natural sources raw adrenal and have experienced a strong effect, faster pulse etc. I remembered Dr P telling me some years ago that when starting adrenals you have to stop taking NDT for a while as the adrenals start responding then feed the NDT in again gradually (?) - I hope memory serves me correctly! Dr P put me onto Nutri adrenal which had no effect whatsoever, however years later, after trying natural sources I find I have had to stop Armour completely for the last two days and still feel energised, even feeling overheated! I am also taking adaptogens which may be boosting the effect. So I am expecting that in a few days I might need to reintroduce the Armour gradually. I have been taking two grains a day for years to keep going, so hoping to reduce that long term, though it is said that when the adrenals are improved the body can tolerate more NDT, so will have to feel my way with this.

Good luck!



Thankyou Gerald did the pulse ease up after a while?

not really sure what to do now...stop NDT or adrenals and start over

i dont feel as i i have any more energy but im not as tired but ive been taking both together

ill get there in the end


I assume you are taking it for adrenal fatigue? I was recently precribed Nutri Adrenal, and over the weeks I got worse and worse ( I am also on ERFA NDT ). My pulse and blood pressure went up ( I have a low blood pressure normally) and my eyes got more and more red, sore and scratchy until I finally realised on doing research that,the adrenal support was affecting the whole of my adrenals, not just the cortex and causing the symptoms. I was totally over-stimulated. As soon as I stopped the Nutri Adrenal my eyes got better and my pulse and blood pressure went back to normal.

My ENDO also asked me to reduce my dose of Erfa for a while and re-test. It was obvious that my weak adrenals could not cope with the increases of Erfa as well as the adrenal boosting properties. I think it is better to heal the weak adrenals with something more gentle that does not over - stimulate them ( like Ashwaghanda or Rhodiola? ) first.

I have also just sent off another adrenal saliva test to see how they are doing, plus another thyroid test. Hope you can sort it out - it's a real mine-field. Everyone tells you something different and it's hard to know what to do for the best. No two people are the same.


yes for adrenal fatigue, i have allso noticed one of my eyes is teribly itchy feels like a big peice of grit has got in there, i did tr rhodiola but it didnt help at all, tried nutri adrenal and nothing which is why i went for these, i think ill buy some very small casules and refil and hopefully wont have as many affects


Hi Cortisone does affect the heart. For this reason too dangerous for me and I cannot take it. A|re you taking it under medical supervision? A private doc wanted to give it to me, I refused and discovered afterwards that I must never have any, even in local injections.It is one of the reasons most Endos prefer to get the thyroid right first.

The U`s and E`s, kidney function are mostly good.GFR brilliant. However, have you tried less salt? Sodium is an electrolyte and fine just on range, yours is higher but oK. Thirst is normally a sign of Diabetes,your glucose is a little high, but not a good test, you need the Hb1Ac test.LFT`s, liver function, the few which have been done are good.

I know the normal ranges but they do very slightly between Lab, always best to ask for the ranges, also means you have the extra knowledge

I hope that helps,



Hi Jackie, im not under medical supervision for anything thyroid as they say i dont need treatment, i dont really have much salt, we never add it too cooking but i guess theres lots added to food, i have allso had tennis ball ankles lately and dr didnt seem concerned, i could ask for the other test to be done but will wait to get in with a decent dr who will sit and listen and not rush me through the door, as i said above i will get small capsules and refill with adrenal and hope i do ok on a lower dose


Hi I understand. I would still ask for the Hb1A as I think it is very relevant.You can have TSH, T4 and Free T3 done in line, I use Blue Horizon They do a test called finger prick, it is not really and very reliable. All DY. Quote TUK 10 for a discount.TSH on its own not reliable. BH well known and recognised by docs.

Best wishes,



Adrenal fatigue is the big disease of the century...so say Dr. Wilson, so get his book and you won't be in the dark. I would also add, as I have used Adrenal Max and am on other Adrenal help from the States, our diet and what we eat in the morning esp. is very important. Go on You Tube and type in adrenal fatigue...you will be amazed at the info and help on there. I have to say, Paul Robinson's book on "Recovering with T3" and "CT3M" are all about thyroid/adrenal issues and recovering them both with T3. Hope this helps because it is helping me..like protein at every meal, get off sugar, coffee and caffeine, eat 3 meals a day, also 3 snacks so your blood sugar is balanced...all these make good sense, not just taking an adrenal supplement. Good Luck!


Hi MSC56 what is the title of Dr Wilson book and where can you get it from? be grateful for info thank you.


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