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I am a Hypothyroid Mom with a Hypothyroid son

Hi All.

I live in Canada. My son who was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism lives in the UK.

My mother had hypothyroidism also. She lived in the USA and up to her death she was taking syntroid.

She was diagnosed when she was put into a mental ward. This is where they found her to have pernicious anemia and hypothyroidism. She had to be on depression drugs and received ECT treatments.

She died in 2010 and was taking synthroid to her final days. She was very mentally unbalanced . Still taking B 12 meds and had osteoporosis. I was in my early 40s when diagnosed with Hypothyroidsm and osteoporosis. My Canadian doctor saw I had a goiter, when I went to him about weight gain and stress. I have been taking Synthroid since. Sixteen years ago my younger son died of Glioblastma Brain Tumor and his dad died of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma 18 months later. They were both diagnosed within 2 months apart. That was a big trauma in my life.

I was put on Prozac before they died. My GP said I had fibromyalgia. I took Prozac for a few years after their deaths. I stopped about 9 years ago..

Last year I had to take B12 shots and now just take the pill form.

My son was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few weeks ago. He is in severe depression and says he can't take the synthroid and his UK GP will not give him a prescription for T3. He can only sleep about 3 hours a night and has constipation.. and severe hot and cold intolerant and is under a huge amount of stress.

I went to my GP to ask for tests on free T3 and free T4 but he refused. I realized through extensive reading since my son was diagnosed my present symptoms of memory loss, brain fog, apathy, no joy were symptoms of hypothyroidism. My GP would rather prescribe Prozac for me then have those thyroid tests done. He says the TSH is the best test that can be given.

I am looking into finding a better diet and also forming a local group with people like me who are not getting results from synthroid. I already changed taking my synthroid to now taking before going to bed rather than first thing in the morning.

I realize the Canadian and UK system are not very friendly to those with hypothyroidism. I am on this site to be able to share insights with my son and to learn.

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Hi Darlene,

Sorry to read of your considerable difficulties & challenges. There are many such stories on this ( - and other forums no doubt) to a lesser or greater extent. I'm sure you'll find much good information and support you need on here - its all MORE easily available these days than in the past.

Like many, you & your son may have to become more self-sufficient regarding your own health . . . . . . and even consider the virtues of self-medication, I dare say ! Fortunately, such avenues are now easier than ever, I understand, as so many who have come before us have already paved the way !

Take care & best wishes,

Sid_Arthur x

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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