Do I need to increase my NDT?

Hello all. Hope someone can advise. Been feeling rubbish (fatigue, vision is intermittently blurry, lots of hair loss, (shedding like my dog!) cold hands/feet amongst other symptoms). I've been on nature throid 2 grains for a couple of months(previously on 1 grain then 1/2grain total time on NDT about 1.5years for hashi's)

I just had bloods checked and TSH 0.38 (0.2-4.5) and FT4 12 (9-21). They didn't check ft3, although I did ask! Can get this done privately though, and will organise that for next week. Does it sound like I need to increase dose? Only other issues are my iron sitting at 10 and my ferritin is just around 30. Been taking iron for a year trying to build that up.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  • Iris, It sounds as though you need a dose increase but it will be better to wait for the results of FT3 before increasing.

    What iron, and what dose are you taking? Ferritin 30 is very low. Take 500mg-1,000mg with each iron tablet to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

  • Vit C? Cluter with the Iron? On the Iron front I assume that as a chap, we are less likely to be defficient in this?

  • MikeR, you won't be losing iron through menstruation but could still have low/deficient ferritin if you aren't absorbing iron through nutrients.

  • Ok Clutter, thanks for the advice, I will wait for ft3 result before I do anything. I was taking 3 spa tone a day plus blue bonnet chelated iron 2 tabs with oj and 1000mg vit c at least 4hrs away from NDT. I have stomach issues with iron so couldn't handle more than that. Recently I've switched to Advanced Ferrochel (as well as spatone) as recommended by a friend, since the other iron I've been taking isn't doing much for me. Thanks again.

  • Iris, this can be useful for people who don't tolerate iron supplements

  • I have one! Lol. I was all set to use it, but someone brought up a good point that you can't guarantee there are no other metals or toxins in it, and it put me off trying it. It's really cute though! ; )

  • Hi MikeR.

    I have tried Spatone more than once & for several weeks.It is iron as Sulphate,quite a low dose per sachet.It always makes me nauseous & gives me stomach pain(always taken with stomach-friendly vit C)& I no longer use it.I now use iron as ferrous fumarate(I get mine from a Tesco pharmacy as recommended on this forum)this gives me a whopping 69mgs of elemental iron per small tab.I also use iron as ferrous bisglycinate(I get mine from "Bulk Powders"an Ebay shop) & 3 little caps give me 60mcgs.I have no problems with iron in either of these formulations.I use vitamin C from Healthspan because it is in a"Stomach friendly"Ester-C form.

    Spatone is advertised as stomach friendly,but many people cannot cope with iron as sulphate & the dose is really low

  • Hi Naomi. How long before you noticed your iron going up on the iron supplements you are using? I'm hoping you got quick results?

  • Hopefully when you get your thyroid meds optimised this will also help to increase your ability to absorb and store iron too. It does look like you need an increase in your dose of NDT most certainly.

    Has your B12 level been checked?

  • Thank you! Yes, I get b12 injections monthly.

  • Hi It depends on your Free T3. If below range it could be worth either increasing or taking a little T3 with the NT


  • Thanks! I'm going to get ft3 tested ASAP!

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