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Question about hcl+betaine and histamine syndrome

I know there are tonns of questions /answers about hcl on this forum, but I remember reading some ingredients can actually worsen leaky gut braking down villi. Cannot remember was it discussed here and what type of product was it.

There are so many different types of products on the market.

Is there lactose free hcl betaine someone can recommend? Saw solgar on sale but it had lactose. This

About histamine intolerance which I do think I have as it goes hand in hand with hashi. I have let myself understand histamine intolerance also causes low stomach acids and with hcl+betaine+B6 it is possible to help histamine intolerance too if not possible to get DAO as a pill.

Anyone with histamine intolerance who has got help from hcl+betaine?

I have never understood why I am so sensitive to bananas, getting hives or feeling incredibly weak and wobbly. Also really sensitive to coffee but possibly because it prevents producing DAO which brakes down histamine. The list of my sensitivies is long and goes for both hashi and histamine intolerance.

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I can't help with much of what you ask but I took Drs Best HCL +Pepsin + Gentian Bitters and there does not appear to be lactose included


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Hello Justina,

Histamine plays an important role in our bodies inflammation when related to allergies and also as a neurotransmitter .. regulating sleep patterns and stomach acid.

It is broken down in the gut and liver but when in excess .. (.. due to allergies and over active immune responses..) .. your body is unable to break it down .. resulting in histamine intolerance.

Stomach acid is mainly hydrochloric acid, potassium and sodium, made via the parietal cells lining the stomach. It helps digest foods and especiallly proteins. .. and protects against gut dysbosis.

Both histamine intolerance and hypothyroidism will discourage adequate stomach acid levels and so supplementing Betaine will replace missing gastric acids allowing nutrient absorption and helping gut inflammation. I also supplement digestive enzymes and biliary support.

Do you have a DOA mutation or just low levels of DOA enemy activity .?..

Both encourage high histamine as DOA is responsible for breaking down histamine in the gut. Low DOA may also be caused by GI conditions such as Crohns, IBS and gluten intolerance, and NSAIDS ... in which case may be reversed if gut issues are managed.

Fermented foods should be avoided as histamine is a by-product of the fermentation. Heal your gut with a healthy diet ... and populate with probiotics after eradicating any bad bacteria, yeast infections and/or parasites.

Some recommend liver support too as if your gut is suffering, your liver will be overloaded as well.

Cytoplasm supply a lactose-free Betaine where a 20% discount is given to members of ThyroidUK.

I hope you feel better soon


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Thanks flower :) I am now on strong probiotic which I am finally tolerating and I take l-glutamine and enzymedica digest basic.

I avoid food causing me hives or other symptoms and try to be brave enough to take hcl. I am super scared about vitamins and supps and so on :D

But I feel that is the missing link to heal my gut.

Ppi's I had to take 10 years ago made things worse. Before that my intolerance was not this bad. After strong ppi's I went into so bas condition. I did not think it could ppi's making things worse until last year.

Thanks again!


Justina .. You are right.

Over 2,500 years ago Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut.”

Most of us on the forum have some form of gut issues as this is what hypothyroidism does. Fortunately a lot of the damage can be reversed if managed correctly.

Taking probiotics is excellent if you don't have yeast , bacterial or parasite infections . Otherwise these need dealing with first or you are just feeding the infection.

If you haven't read the link below it shows how everything ties together.




According to stool test I did six months ago I don't have over growth of bacteria, more so I was low on e.coli, completely missing enterococcaeae which apparently is responsible making vitamin B , was hard to find info of that. I was also mildly low on lactobacillus.

No yeast detected. Other bacteria and stuff normal. Said it is mild dysbiosis but completely missing one strain and low on e.coli was enough to cause issues.

Was said low e.coli causes food intolerance , fatigue and so on.

About parasites I don't know. Years ago homeopath said I have ameba based on test she did. Supplements did not work but no parasites found from proper tests.

I am rather constipated and rarely have diarrhoea anymore after quitting gluten , corn and rice.

Last Jan my blood showed eosinophil % over ranges which can be caused by parasites but allergies as well. Doctor ruled out parasites based on symptoms and figured it was down to recent episode of hives as other values was completely normal.

After starting b12 many of my gut issues has resolved like constant irritation and burning feeling in bowel area. So I have figured it is low good bacteria and low stomach acids. Might be wrong but as I not so bloated anymore, less nausea, less irritation because of b12 I think I am heading to right direction. Also the tiny amount of iodine I know tolerate makes a big difference.

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You are lucky if you have no gut infections or yeast. ..

I have been battling for a while and do now see improvements but the regime is very strict... and I have swayed just a tad now & then.. lol.

A usual stool test may not detect parasites.

If this is an avenue you would like to explore I would recommend the Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0.

Otherwise just keep populating with the good bacteria.

When gut is healthy you should see a reduction in histamine levels & feel better.



Yeah I have been thinking about Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0. but symptom wise it is not recommended.

But never say never. If hcl+ betaine does not give me the last boost I will probably take that test as well.

I have heard parasites are difficult to treat and it is a long road :( know one girl who has been ridiculously ill without any proper help, eating anything feeling like eating sharp glass ending up only eating cooked potato for weeks.

She then found help from product called Tre örter, which apparently is swedish product made of certain herbs. With that she has been able to heal enough to eat better.

I cannot say which symptoms are gut related and which are due to low t3. I am not yet on medication, but self medicating is the next step if doctors wont help. I cannot separate is weakness etc down to low t3 or what as this has been this way for so long. But wanted to be properly supplemented and help my gut first and then start to self medicate to have it all covered.

I hope you are able to fix your gut :)


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