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Betaine HCL with Pepsin and breastfeeding

Hi everyone,

I've been having issues with digestion for years and after reading about it I think I might have low stomach acid. I have Hashimoto's and I have a lot of digestion/gut issues, so I think my gut isn't too well.

I thought about getting a good Betaine HCL + Pepsin supplement, but I'm breastfeeding and after reading about it (here: draxe.com/what-is-betaine/) I wasn't too sure if I could take it or not. In theory it wouldn't do my little one any harm as this is something that the body makes, but I'd rather confirm that it's in fact safe with someone that knows about this.

I won't be stopping breastfeeding anytime soon as we're already thinking about number 2 and if all goes well I'll continue breastfeeding in tandem, so stopping isn't an option.

Anyone has any ideas about this?

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What Dr Axe was discussing was betaine.

The stuff that is used to increase acid in the stomach is betaine hydrochloride.

They aren't the same thing.

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If you're at all unsure, many people have had success through taking an alternative of apple cider vinegar before each meal. But it must be the active one - with the "mother", not just any old stuff off the supermarket shelf.

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As startagaingirl has suggested a good Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used. Take a few teaspoons mixed with juice or water with meals particularly ones with protein. Some advocate 1 tablespoon with water or juice but I found it very strong. Some may not.

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I test my PH with Litmus strips perhaps, it would help you show up your stomach problems they are very inexpensive and a good way of finding out about the balance of the body.

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There is too much conflicting evidence so if it were me I'd say no.

I'd save the money and have a comprehensive stool analysis test ( geonova) and find out if you really do have low stomach acid.

The results come- stomach acid 0-4

Probiotics 0-4

Parasites/ bad bacteria 0-4.

That way you are prepared and can at least tackle the probiotics- you can make your own natural kefir etc.

Yes organic acv with the mother is v good. I'd not say it's a permanent fix but safe to use. Not heated in anyway and until you know the results I'd stay away from sugar/ honey / chocolate etc. You could be feeding parasites.

And no since urine does not pass through the stomach a ph stick is not that helpful this time.

Humanbean is right betain is a different subject.

Good luck .

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Thank you all for your suggestions!

I had no idea betaine wasn't the same as betaine hcl :o oops!

I'm going to try using the apple cider vinegar for now, I have vinegar from biona which has the mother :)

I googled the Litmus strips Bunnyjean was talking about and they seem to be saliva strips. Does the PH of saliva tell you the PH of the stomach?

I want to make a stool analysis test, I've heard about this one GI-MAP (https://www.invivoclinical.co.uk/products---services/lab-diagnostics/gi-map-with-zonulin), has anyone heard about this one? I'm going to check out the Genova test as well. They both seem to be very comprehensive.

I'm already making coconut milk and water kefir, so I'm taking a lot of probiotics! :)

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