Long term betaine HCL safety?

I've begun to understand part of my problem...I can't digest protein AT ALL.

Any amount of protein of any kind (tried everything) causes me to have headaches, a strange pounding/throbbing pulse thing at the back of my neck, bloating, constipation and whole body aches/joint pain.

Its not good! I know I really need protein, I am wondering about taking Betaine hcl LONG TERM because I took it for a month and then stopped about half a year ago. I want to try it again but I'm not sure how safe it is to take all the time?

PS Has anyone got any ideas why I can't digest protein at all?

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  • Have you considered taking digestive enzymes? If you go to Dr Sarah Myhill's website and search for 'gut dysbiosis', 'malabsorption' or 'digestive enzymes' you will get lots of useful information.

  • Thanks, will do! Much appreciated :)

  • You can take it safely as long as you following the directions. Betaine with Pepsin is probably best for digesting protein. I read in one book that taking these types of products can prevent quite a few health problems.


  • Awesome thanks. I will check out the link. :)

  • have you tried beetroot powder in a juice it is really good for stomache

  • As long as you take the betaine HCL appropriately I can't see why you would have any long term problems with it. These two links are worth reading :



    As well as stomach acid for digesting protein you also need pepsin :


    Betaine HCL is often sold together with pepsin, and you should buy Betaine HCL + Pepsin rather than just Betaine HCL on its own.

  • You should be careful with HCL, it gave me gastritis, awful burning pain, I would never take that stuff again.

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