Hot and cold

I have normally suffered from being really cold however of late I've gone the opposite way and I'm red hot but when my partner or my children touch me they say I don't feel hot at all..

I'm 33 so think I'm too you for the change

Due bloods on Tuesday but my last TSH was just under 6 I'm on 125mcg of Levo

I am due to get vit D, b12, folate etc checked on Tuesday.

Has anyone else found they get hot?

I'm actually sleeping with a fan on.

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  • Hello Sddixy,

    I haven't edited your post.... just pressed wrong button to edit my own..! ! .doh !

    The change can make you hot... tell me about it.. .. ! ! /

    Thyroid hormone under medication can make you cold... !

    Over medication ... ?..

    Med change.. ?..

    Perhaps you are getting a cold.. ?? ..

    Have you any recent bloods test results complete with ranges..?..

    Have you had thyroid antibodies checked for Hashimotos..? /


  • Hi flower , no I'm due tests on Tuesday so will be posting next week with results. I know my TSH was 6 and I'm still very symptomatic. Getting vit d, b12 etc checked too.

  • Antibodies havent been checked as far as I know.

  • No med changed either. I'm on 125mcg of Levo.

  • A TSH of 6.0 install to high Sddixy,

    When you have thyroid bloods done ask your GP to add on thyroid antibodies TPOAb & TGAb.

    When you are tested don't forget to miss LEVO dose until AFTER the test and book blood draw for first appointment in the morning ... . fasting water only). This will ensure a high TSH and encourage your doctor to prescribe an appropriate dose of Levo.

    Post all results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets).


  • Thanks I will. I will call and ask them about the other tests. :)

  • Yup. I've always had that problem. And I'm 70, now, so nothing to do with menopause. It's just that when you're hypo, it breaks your thermostat, so your body has trouble controlling your temperature. Most hypos feel cold all the time, but there is a considerable number that feels hot.

  • Thanks. I used to feel cold. I'm actually cold now laying in bed. But later I will feel like I'm burning up but I won't be to touch.

  • Sounds pretty normal, to me! For a hypo, that is.

  • Yep that's me too. It's really annoying. Sometimes in bed I am wearing bedsocks and have the good old Dyson fan whirring away blowing cool air to my upper torso/face. Hubby cannot fathom it at all,lol!

    Nothing makes sense with this crazy condition. My dry eyes are getting worse....aggggh! Sometimes I wake with a start at night with a "sweat on" and I snap my eyes open...ouch...because the eye mist has worn off. Grrrr!

  • It hurts to open my eyes sometimes . I often wake up and the sheets are soaked through cos I have sweat so much

  • I'm the same, my husband said he might sell me off for medical research! My feet can be like blocks of ice, while I'm dripping on the top half... I've not yet found an answer, other then showering in the middle of the night, which doesn't go down well with either the husband or kids, or me for that matter...

  • BeccyD, Medical Research, now there's an idea! They's certainly find enough volunteers from us lot, but there's probably not enough money in it for them though.

  • How to check your temperature/pulse when hypothyroid. It's a good way to know one way or another and also sometimes guide you in your medication.

  • My pulse was 97 last night I was chilled out laying in bed so I think that's ok. Have considered taking my temp but haven't as of yet. Think I maybe should

  • I think, if hypothyroid, our pulse is usually low whereas the heartbeat of a normal healthy person is:-

    "A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness. For example, a well-trained athlete might have a normal resting heart rate closer to 40 beats a minute".

    When my heartbeat was in the early 50's and I was seriously hypothyroid. Now that I'm well it is approx 60-65. My temp is about 36.5 which previously was 35. It might never reach the 'normal' 37.

  • So do that mean my resting pulse of 97 was high?

  • I am not medically qualified but I would think it's highish if you're hypo and not yet on an optimum of thyroid hormones.The excerpt above is for normal healthy people. I would also think they have no health problems.

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