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Cold Sweats & Hot Flushes


I don't know if anyone else experiences this, it may not even be Hypo related?!

The past month I have nearly every night woken up at about 1am to being completely soaked in sweat but absolutely freezing cold. I have also been experiencing what I could only describe as a hot flush or a fever without the feeling hot part, my face flares up red and burns (literally gives heat off) yet I am freezing cold. I get into bed and try to warm up, which only makes my face burn more, then when I get out of bed my body temperature just plummets instantly!

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be amazing!

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Stephanie2424, it can be a hypo symptom but hot falshes and sweats can also be menopause (I don't know your age). Low B12 can also cause night sweats. Your GP can test for menopause, B12 and folate. Post the results with lab ref ranges in a new question and members will advise.

Thank you for responding. I'm only 23! But will speak to the doctor on my next follow up app. I tend to get my LH FSH and oestrogen tested every time I have my thyroid blood tests.

the sweat response is also the body's way of getting rid of toxins.

Being Hypo I don't sweat - which still feels strange, if I try & run a bit I just get knackered before breaking into a sweat - hot bath - no sweat. (I meant 'glow')

(this is someone who still remembers what the word 'fit' meant)

When I am on optimum dose I will report sweating... I think

Clutter do you have hot falshes?

I'm not a sweaty person. I could run round the block and not break a sweat. It's like when I wake at 1am drenched I would believe you more if you told me someone threw water over me. I never get 'hot' I'm such a cold person. However the hot flushes just see my face flare up and burn while the rest of me is shivering. It's all very bizarre!

I used to wake up in a cold sweat at night (wet bedclothes, chest puddle - yuk) - of course I am of the right age & gender, but Mum never suffered and I won't either!

~for me it was 'coincidently' after my partialT - I did tell hubby my thermostat was broken.

I think a lot of things get clouded by 'menopause' - one can have such symptoms at any age - doesn't actually mean it's 'd'menopause'.

You could eliminate low B12 & nerve stuff, & Vit D (and the others inc iron) - for a start. Then maybe investigate vagus nerve response (involuntary nervous system).

Clutter in reply to Spareribs

Jane, I had them during my menopause which was done and dusted before I was 42. They weren't troublesome although I had a few months of having to change sweat shirt during the night.

I don't sweat any longer although I had a slightly damp nape one hot day during the summer. Transpires I was overmedicated and FT3 too high :-D

Spareribs in reply to Clutter

I don't believe in menopause or fairies - lol!

hormonal changes perhaps - it's not an obligatory or statutory response for everyone!

Clutter in reply to Spareribs

Spare, a rose by any other name...periods stopped, hot flushes and night sweats stopped shortly after :-D

ps If Tinkerbell dies it makes you a murderer.

Stephanie, Unikely to be menopause at your age then and the sex hormones would have shown up peri or menopase. Ask for B12 and folate to be tested.

Sweats especially head at night can be low Vitamin d or Vitamin B12. I had both taking Vit d & injecting with B12. Found if I was walking an inclined pathway I would become breathless & literally dripping with sweat as though my body was trying to tell me something. Thankfully it has improved now levels up.

I have been considering Vit D supplements.

or a sunny holiday?

I consider that a lot!

Ask for a vitD test first Stephanie. If they don't do it come back and ask for advice on what and how much to supplement. Ditto the B12and folate.

LaurieRose in reply to Marylyn

Me too but seems worse when taking levothyroxine and vitamin d.


I too having these symptoms, but in menopause era and struggling with depression too, so it could be anyones guess, but I would say speak to your GP, my GP is looking after me at the moment and I explained that I wake up at these strange times, even though usually I sleep very well, but he is convinced mine is stress related including the pains in my neck and shoulders, so I am not worrying about these as I have enough to worry about. But I would check with your GP to be sure.

i bought a my chill pillow. it works wonders. it keeps u cool at night.

Yes I know this is an old post but I have this. Cold sweats all the time and then I feel even colder because my clothes are soaking whether night or day. It is worse in the winter, believe it or not. I don't have hot flushes. I use hot water bottles and electric blanket a lot!

I think I may have found the root to my cause. I was also on a high dose of eostrogen at the same time, I was getting really unwell on it but when I came off it all started to clear up. I do still get night sweats but not on the scale they were. Maybe only 1 or 2 every few weeks. I also find my diet affects things. Too much processed sugar and it makes the sweats a lot worse

I'm glad you've found out, Stephanie, and that you got there in the end

Oh hi. I should have read a bit further down. I missed this pist and replied to your first one. Glad you found the cause. Basically food and hormones huh? All the best hope you get the balance right and those sweats stay away.

Poss side effects of meds. I only started getting sweats since taking levothyroxine and vit d supplements. Vit d is a hormone too. Ive been tested negative for menopause. It was susoected because i didnt menstruate for seven months. You could have an infection that keeps coming back maybe nithing serious but just tgat needs dwtoxibg out of your body. Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?...they also can cause sweats. See your nurse they have a bit more time and often more empathy than drs.

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