Hot flashes, cold flashes and insomnia

Lately I've been having a ton of hot and cold flashes, internal inferno and then frozen to the bone with no in-between. I am in the late stages of perimenopause so I guess it could be that, but I've never had these weird massive temperature swings until now. Plus I can't sleep, I might fall asleep for a couple of hours, but I wake up with a hot flash and then can't get back to sleep. And once I cool off I FREEZE. Plus my mouth has been very dry....

I didn't take my levo this morning, and I have been better with only about 3 hot flashes today, is that just coincidence? Could I feel the effects of less medication in just one day? I honestly feel like I might be hyper. My test 1 month ago was perfect, TSH of 1 and FT4 of 16 (9-19). I can't get my blood tested for another two months (insurance).

Anyone have this happen due to a thyroid dump or something?

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  • You are not alone - I'm going through exactly the same thing, waking up several times in the night, feeling like I have an internal furnace! I'm always thirsty & drink water all through the night. During the day, I have to wear layers because my default is to feel the cold, but then I get unbearably hot for a time. I assume it's the menopause, but I'm sure being hypothyroid complicates the matter! My menopausal friends say they experience flushed faces & night sweats, but I don't - just feel hot - so not sure if if it is the same thing.

    Hopefully some here can shed some light on the subject.

  • I'm having the same! It's terrible and I'm just heading into menopause so I guess it's that but i think maybe it's about being hypothyroid too. I'm feeling a little hyper-like at the moment but like you my tests were perfect a while ago and I can't have another test for some time. I can't stand not being able to sleep. Worried that this will go on for years now if it's menopause and it just started??!!

  • I know, if this is the rest of my life I don't want it!

  • Insomnia may accompany hyperactive thyroid - I take a sleeping pill which I have to take as I have a sleep disorder. I have recently noticed posts on foods which release histamines causing inflammation. Apparently hard cheese such as

    cheddar cheese can cause inflammatory response - may be cutting this out might help the sweats, as the body tries to rid itself of toxins by sweating. I took the

    phyto oestrogen for over a year. Since cutting out tea, I hardly get the hot sweats

    at night. I can take milky bed time choc drinks without effect.

  • Kalicocat,

    TSH 1 and FT4 16 is not hyper and doesn't indicate a thyroid dump. Folic acid may help with menopausal hot flashes

  • That test was a month ago though, I could be having a dump now, couldn't I? I forgot to mention that I lost 6 lbs too, but some of that could be water weight as I go through these stages of peeing ALOT for who knows what reason, and that has been going on for almost a week.

  • Kalicocat,

    I suppose you could but if you've had Hashi's for a long time it is unlikely to be a thyroid dump. That's more likely to occur during the early stages of Hashimoto's. 6lb weight loss isn't likely to affect your dose requirements.

  • My hashis went into remission for years (I has postpartum thyroiditis with antibodies) and I just went back on medication last summer, I'm taking 62.5 mcg right now so not a full replacement yet.

  • Kalicocat,

    As I said, your thyroid levels don't indicate over medication but if you are convinced that your symptoms are hyper and not due to menopause you could reduce your 62.5mcg dose for a few weeks to see whether symptoms improve. If not, reinstate the 62.5mcg.

  • I had those - so cold afterwards my teeth would chatter. I put up with it for nearly 7 years and then got bio-identical HRT as it showed no signs of getting better. I wasn't on thyroid meds then.

  • Wow, so it's probably menopause related? It's going to be hard to find a doctor that prescribes bio identicals, but I can't live like this for the rest of my life. The reason why I've been wondering if I've had a thyroid dump is because I've also lost 6 lbs....

  • Could be a combination of both, then. I don't have Hashis. so can't really comment.

  • You lose weight with hyperactive thyroid. If you go back to your GP

    you might find he will prescribe a medication for hyperactive thyroid.

    He /she may also advise you on HRT. I did not want to try HRT but found the

    phytoestrogen helpful

  • I have exactly the same symptons, hot flush at night followed by feeling cold and not sleeping, also dry mouth and drinking lots of water at night but I`m just on the other side of the meonpause on my way out - I hope! Just been diagnosed with low thyroid so have been on levo 50mg for 4 days and hoping it will shortly kick in. I currently feel awful and so tired. I seemed to breeze through the menopause with just a few hot flushes and I`ve been hit with this :-(

  • You're lucky you breezed through menopause, I've been feeling horrible on and off since the age of 42, currently 55 years old and think I might be nearing the end. I'm diabetic too, so that certainly doesn't help the symptoms, it can cause hot flashes too. You'll start feeling better soon, my doctor would only put me up by 12.5 mcg at a time, every 3 months so it took 8 months to get my thyroid levels right, I had just started feeling better but now I'm having to deal with this....

  • Have you had your progesterone level checked?

  • I feel for you as I get these outbursts all the time. I've resigned myself to thinking that this is how life now is. Get those tests done 2 monthly as mine is up and down like a yo yo and it's the only way to prove that I'm not going mad. Be very wary if you're taking other medication or vitamin supplements as these will also send my body into a frenzy when my body can't handle them.

    I hope you get 40 winks to recharge your batteries. x

  • Thanks, SewingBee, I really hope I get more sleep tonight too, I can't think clearly anymore and my productivity is in the toilet right now.

  • Hi Kalicocat I too went through this problem - I took phyto oestrogen from health

    store - it was helpful. Avoid spicy food mustard chili snacks, pepper, curries, alcohol, tannins.

    in tea and coffee. Some teas especially supermarket own brands contain fluoride, but Typhoo and Twinings tea are free from these additives. Certain types of tea can give hot flushes, but the

    I found Typhoo did not give the hot sweats within minutes of drinking. I have cut tea out of my

    diet as the tannins can lead to anaemia - I drink Rbena as it is good product, with no added sugar

    and mugs and glasses don't get tannin stains. Check if you have fluoride added to the water in your area and invest in a water distiller - I have a water filter and it screens out chlorine but does

    not touch fluoride which builds up in the water as it does not break down during purification.

    There are cooling bedding products pillows and duvets which are light weight with cotton

    mixed with synthetic which are cooler. You can look them up on line. Cotton socks prevent

    foot sweats and cotton nighties and sheets help the night sweats. If you bathe your feet in tepid

    water, it can help you feel better. Cold water may make you react, so your feet might tingle.

    Take care.

  • Hello my aunt, cousin and I all 3 have hypothyroidism and I can tell you that hypo makes you tired and cold all the time untill your medication is regulated, it doesn't make you restless. If you can't sleep maybe your dose is to strong for you or if you're having a ton of problems on the levothyroxine it's because thyroid medicine is measured in micrograms and one pill may contain more medication than another and you need to let your doctor know and tell them you want Synthroid. I was on levo at first but still had too many problems, now I'm on Synthroid and feeling much better, I don't get as cold as I used to and not soo many hot falshes. Oh side not: hot flashes are a side effect of levo and synthroid. Sorry this was so long but I hope it helps.

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