Hot then cold

I am a 38 year old male and I have been a long sufferer from what I thought was hypohidrosis ( excessive sweating)but also have painfully cold feet and hands so now after searching the web I think I may have hypothyroidism?It's like my body cannot regulate it's temperature properly, it's either too hot or too cold.

My occupational nurse says I have a thyroid problem as my urine test are off the scale for sugar.

I also suffer from bouts of insomnia which may or may not be connected

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  • Hi hacben220,

    I have been having the same problem after triggering Hashimotos return after normalizing it for some time. I've had to do a lot of research and found that although the Thyroid does control temperature regulation, it can be rectified by supporting the Adrenals with a good adaptogen. I'm working on this now. Have your Thyroid checked and try to cut Gluten and Casein from your diet as these both produce the same proteins as the Thyroid and trigger autoimmunity. If your sugars are high, a combination of Gymnema Slyvester, Chromium and Cinnamon are incredible for balancing blood sugars. Also Guggul Gum is good for lowering sugars and cholesterol and helping the Thyroid convert T4 to T3.

  • That's a funny thing to say about high sugar levels in urine - that often indicates diabeties. You can get a week finger prick test kit from pharmacies to check your blood sugar levels and see if there is an issue there. having said that I always had temperature control issues plus thyroid and a million other problems and was about to start having insulin for type 1 diabeties and thyroid treatment did nothing for the temp control issues but as mentioned above, going gluten free removed nearly all issues I had so well worth a proper shot as will help most auto-immune conditions which they all are :-)

    I lso had sleep disorder so often connected

  • just as another avenue to explore, cold hands and feet can indicate circulatory issues and my friend's become very cold and painful as she has a condition called raynauds - another autoimmune issue

  • My thermostat was broken for many years , going from freezing cold to over hot and sweating within minutes. Never wore jumpers just t shirt and cardigans so could take off and put on ... exhausting on top of everything else. Thyroid meds reduced slightly but turned out I had oestrogen dominance and after being on bioidentical cream for a few months I am %90 improved... even bought a jumper dress :)

    I would get TSH, ft3,f ft4 tested plus b12, folate, FERRITIN, vitamin d and sex hormones checked... see what's going on. Oh and test for anti bodies for Hashimoto.

    Just my humble opinion... good luck

  • This sounds just like my daughter. She has excessive sweating and suffers headaches, also has hypermobility in her joints but her thyroid results were all in range. Her t4 was mid point but I worry as hypothyroidism runs down the female line in my family and doesn't normally become evident until late 20s.

  • Also high blood sugar either indicates you are pre diabetic or actually diabetic and this can sometimes be secondary to thyroid problems. You need to cut out sugar and avoid white carbs. I currently have gestational diabetes. Try and get this looked into further. Diabetes can cause heart problems. The heart is obviously connected to circulatory things going on in the body.

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