Cold clammy sweats and cold feet

Am so fed up with these. It's bad enough in the day too but I just can't get comfy at night. I feel cold but my body must register hot, or at least part of me feels cold and other parts warm. It's a nightmare trying to get comfortable at night, I have towels stuck down my front and around my legs because I get soaking. But my feet need a hot water bottle on them. This is ridiculous, it's May!! I had the lecky blanket in last night. I am menopausal too which doesn't help...but just don't know what to take. Have tried all the usual sage, black cohosh things etc. not tried oestrogen because that gave me high blood pressure in the past.

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  • Hi FoggyMoggy

    I'm post Surgical Meno & couldn't take HRT. I've taken 'menopace extra ' from boots chemist & keep an electric fan by my bed, you can also buy 'cool pillows' that help . My feet were always freezing too so I wore soft breathable bed socks & nothing else & I always keep a cold glass of water with ice cubes on my bedside table. Its been four years now & the hot flashes & sweats have subsided at night for a quite a few months now & hoping it remains this way when we're in the full throw of summer. Take a look your diet too because caffeine (including that found in teas), alcohol & any hot spicy foods made my symptoms so much worse. I had no choice but to give them all up & it certainly made a big difference for me, I've also recently started using topical progesterone cream from 'wellsprings' that seems to be taking the edge of things. Hope you find some relief from these Shi**y symptoms we women have to go through.

  • Thanks Butterfly. I will have a look at Menopace Extra. Yes I always have water by my bed as well as a whole host of other aids! I don't really feel warm, that was misleading in my original post. I just sweat even though I don't feel particularly warm, just clammy, so I think those parts of me must be warm. But it's as if my thermostat has broken, so that I just sweat and then I am lying in wet clothes and feel even more cold :( I do put socks on my feet to keep them warm as they don't confuse me! I don't really get hot flushes, just the sweats. I have tried the Wellsprings serenity cream which did take the edge off things but stopped taking it because of raised bp but can't say it was that necessarily. I had raised bp years ago as a result of the pill so don't want to go down that road. Looked it up online and it contained both oestrogen and progesterone so not sure which one caused the bp problems or whether they both did. I am off the caffeine at the moment because of a slight UTI or interstitial cystitis but it's made not a jot of difference. I need my cup of tea usually! I am missing it. Tea has got some very good things in it too ;)

  • I get confused about heat too. I feel hot all the time but my temperature if I take it can be as low as 34 and never up to 36. Also my skin feels cold to touch but I feel like I am burning up inside. There is a part of the brain responsible for temperature perception and it can be damaged by having a very high temperature at some point in your life.

  • Yes I know what you mean, Mandy. My perception is that I am cold but when I take my temperature it is normal, although it is on the low side sometimes. But the basal rate for body temperature is lower than the active rate so I was thinking it was low but actually the resting temperature is quite low anyway. I also find temperatures confusing because I grew up with Fahrenheit and often the digital thermometers only measure in Celcius. And then digital thermometers aren't supposed to be as accurate as the old type. Oh my! But I have an old mercury one from the time before they were banned.

  • I was told never to use menopace as it affects thyroid medication and soya can affect conversion of t3 to t4. I am 16 months without period going through he'll. I wanted to try the menopace but was advised against all and anything containing soya . However I did try menopace night time because I thought I've taken it well away from my thyroid meds. But it made me even sleepy than I am already and felt so groggy the next day. So I just have up and lead a really horrible life instead.



  • Yes I've heard the same about soya, although I'm not on any thyroid meds at the moment. Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. Yes I have things that make me so sleepy that i just can't get going in the mornings. Take care


  • if you have hashimotos, then it could be that. bioidentical hormones are safer/safe, but not the old time ones.

  • Not been diagnosed with Hashimotos or any thyroid condition come to that...

  • why are you on a thyroid forum,without a thyroid condition? Do you suspect one?

  • That is so unnecessary...I didn't know you had to be diagnosed to come on here. Not everyone is diagnosed but how are they to learn more? I have fibromyalgia. I do suspect something wrong with my thyroid or pituitary...many on this forum have said as much...

  • Have you considered the at home type testing? Are you on any t3 for the pain and speeding up the metabolism, which i have no doubt, is the cause of fibromyalgia. Dr. Lowe had much success with t3 and his program. He cured completely, nearly all his patients, did research and wrote some books..all ignored today. There is too little money to be made the way he did things, i guess. I have been diagnosed with FM and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Rheumy, poked my shoulder, i was able to mention a few symptoms and diagnosed me. She was terrible. She told me that in no way, would low or missing hormones cause pain!!! symptoms started when i developed hashimotos and got worse at the time my pituitary become damaged. I have not been able to get proper testing for my hormones at this point. I know my cortisol is below range and i believe i have lost my growth hormone.

  • I have considered home testing...but testing for what? Hashimotos? There are so many things to look out for but I have booked in a range of repeat bloods and hope to get both antibody tests even though one of them is private, plus the T3 and T4 again. They were both low last time but in range and my TSH was low which is why I suspect the pituitary. But where to start... Fatigue is my worst symptom now, the pain comes and goes. My rheumo was OK. In fact I asked for the appointment to see if I had Fibro after finding about it on the internet and so many symptoms matched mine. I am due to phone a different doctor tomorrow to find out which ones I have to pay for but I think it's those three only. My Cortisol was high last time

  • I think it is useful to know if you have hashimotos, because it can be reversed, which is great! It causes horrible symptoms. Sometimes it and many other things, causes a high reverse t3, where you are not converting your t4 to active t3, which causes fatigue and pain, with a normal free t4 labs. I have had a reverse t3 done 16 times and it was always high, meaning, i do not properly utilize t4 meds. My son, has a high rt3, is on no meds and has ibs and fatigue and constipation. Negative on Hashimotos. I think all thyroid labs, antibodies and a reverse t3, are important levels to get initially. If you had had most done and can't get rt3, then antibodies for sure. Dr. Lowe would have treated you with ndt or t3 and his program, based on symptoms alone. If i were you i would get some t3 and try it...i think you have nothing left to lose.

  • Yes that has been suggested about T3 but I have a problem as not is from the pig and I don't take meat, not if I can help it. I think you can get some synthetic T3. Others have suggested his before but I also don't like taking stuff without proper supervision. I have read too many bad effects from people who have self medicated with T3

  • Really? T3 is very safe. I have not read anything about it here and if you over shoot the dose, you just lower it and relief is in a day or so, not a month like with t4 meds. My opinion is that either use it and self medicate or stay ill... NO Doctor, will know how to treat Endo anyway. They go by labs only. I have been thru 4 Endo's and 2 GP's. I will have to get well on my own.

  • I read other forum posts, not just these. I have read reports with people getting serious anxiety symptoms on T3...not something I would advise for someone who suffers with anxiety issues. Anyway, just found out from my GPs that will cost me Little short of £100 to get T3, T4 and Vit D. The NHS is already being privatised through such stealthy methods. Even then, if the results come back 'in the normal range' they won't take action. So what is the point? I've not even got as far as an endo, so count yourself lucky

  • t3 has calmed anxiety for many on this forum. t4 on its own caused me horrible anxiety. T3 is just as safe, but more effective than t4. Maybe when you get desperate enough, you will give it a try. Normal labs with Hypo symptoms, where what Dr. Lowe called Thyroid Hormone Resistance. He got great results with t3. It is totally safe.

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