Freezing cold any suggestions? ?

Sorry to keep firing the questions I have tried everything tonight to get warn to no avail hot water bottle 2 blankets wearing thick clothing in bed. I can not get warm for love nor money tonight. I'm shivering and my feet are purple. I've always had probs being hypo but for some reason tonight it will not dissappear. I can't put heating on as everyone else is hot and they complain. This illness sucks big time! !

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  • Is a warm bath possible? Always used to work for me. Obviously you need to wrap up warm very quickly once you get out.

  • I tried it. Never been this bad not to the point of not being able to warm up at all I don't understand it. Gone from 1 extreme to another last night my bloody feet were burning felt like hot pokers being stuck through my feet and hands. Also get painful itchy fingers no idea what the hell that's all about. This illness is more complex than I thought. I'm learning new things everyday.

  • Razzar, this may be a side effect of your metabolism changing in response to thyroid meds. Hopefully it will settle down as your body gets used to T3. I found it helped me warm up by having a hottie on my midriff to warm my core with another on my feet. Don a hat if you have one, it helps you retain heat.

    If you have small red dots or tiny blisters and redness/swelling on your fingers it might be chilblains. Take an antihistamine to stop the itching and don't rub or scratch them.

  • Oh lol I been scratching and rubbing my fingers on my trousers it's bloody terrible. I didn't know what they were thought the itching and pain was just nerve pain. I'm learning something new everyday the itchy fingers and palms been driving me absolutely crazy.

  • Did wonder what the red spots were . Now I know . Getting itch on my shoulders too not sure if it's same thing but imagine it is .

  • Razzar, chilblains are usually on extremities, fingers, hands, toes, feet, nose and ears, areas exposed to cold. I doubt it is chilblains on your shoulders. Google chilblain images and compare.

    I thought they were insect bites and rubbed and scratched mine until I thought to take antihistamines which relieved itching. Unfortunately my fingers became swollen and the skin broke and became infected and I needed antibiotics for a couple of weeks. Bloody things recurred every month from Dec to April and two finger joints are still misshapen and discoloured.

  • Funny thing is I only get it on my little fingers and thumbs drives me crazy never thought for a sec it could be related. I suffer with ulnar tunnel nerve syndrome in my wedding ring finger and little finger. BIt the itchyness thing is pretty new didn't have it before . It drive my hubby mad he sits there wondering what the hell I am up to. I thought if I went to docs they would think I was bonkers. It's like I suffered since I was little from prickly heat. Any change in temp to quick puts me in pain and sends me into a rage and I get angry. I can't go shopping the change in temp does me in I have to get out straight away. God why is life have to be so trying lol.

  • Hello Razzar1977,

    I think you are cold because your body is having to acclimatise to a whole new hormone (T3) that it has probably been crying out for ...for a long while.

    ...You are basically in shock!!

    Be extra kind to yourself, rest, hot drinks, big blankets and curl up on sofa. As your hormones settle ...hopefully your bodies thermostate will reset to a more comfortable setting.

    Also... I recently added a little bit of T3 to my T4 and .......lost weight too!,..

    I hope you feel better soon,


  • Ohh wow didn't know that yes my body probably does not know what to do with its self at mo. It's just I'm that cold it's painful. I don't know what's worse the hot feeling like ur feet are burning or the cold. Either way can't seem to win lol x

  • I know exactly how you feel Razzar as have felt freezing cold in a boiling hot bath before.

    Now ....I have cold intolerance on my knees and loins so have a warm body blanket wrapped around my lower half of body but am having hot menopausal flushes am sitting in a vest! ! !

    As if life isn't difficult


  • Flower, there's definitely something wrong with our internal and external perception of temperature at times. I used to feel a cold down draft on my legs and feet if I didn't wrap my legs in a duvet under the main duvet. I can still *feel* a chill on my legs under the duvet and my feet *feel* cold although they are warm to the touch.

  • Oh dear Clutter....I also think there is something wrong with our perception of sleeping times !! !

    How is it I lie on my yoga mat and fall asleep?

    I lie on my bed and have a hot flush.!

    Perhaps I should spend the night on my yoga mat!!


  • Electric blanket helped me a lot when I was so cold I thought I must have frostbite 😂...I have one that you could leave on all night if need be ...hope your warm soon

  • I was going to suggest electric blanket! I've had one you're not allowed to leave on all night, but I still sometimes have done.

    Another little thing I have is a fleece sleeping bag liner, it's in the shape of a cocoon. I find it much warmer than a normal blanket. You can zip it right up and it has a hood. I think they are very common in camping shops. Mines actually a very cheap brand, don't think anyone would want to carry such a bulky thing up a mountain.

    Also, to improve it more I have a silk liner that goes inside that. These are thinner than a normal sheet but silk is supposed to be the warmest fabric. Mine I got a cheap poor quality one from Ebay. The are quite expensive in camping shops, and you can find extremely expensive ones with better an a better silks. Much more glamorous than most other ways to stay warm ;)

    All this under the duvet of course, and probably with gloves, hat, and scarf to seal the gap.

  • Lol I know it makes me mad I'm still not bloody warm sitting here shivering away . Will have to take a look on ebay. It pisses me off my kids and hubby always complain if I put heating on. When I'm hot they are cold and vice versa lol. This illness certainly has its twists and it's turns. You think u got it sorted and it throws something else at u. I will fight to keep warm if it kills me lol x

  • I always have heat bag at the back of my chair and cover my knees with throw over rug. Got a bad back,really helps.

  • Had socks on last night for 3 hours in bed until feet warmed up.

  • I know sounds weird but I can't wear socks as soon as I got them on it feels like someone has put elastic bands round my ankles and feels like my circulation has been cut off I have never known why . I'm 39 now and tried a few times and same thing at school. I'm sure it didn't happen as a kid. No idea why. My hands and feet usually get warm after a few hours but last night had no relief and now this morning feel like they are on fire can't win lol.

  • Some folk without our condition have that problem with socks but you can get them loose at the top. The ones I use never had elastic and slip down which is ok as only my feet are cold .i am often throwing off the covers from above the waist.

    Like you I have always had cold hands and feet even as a child ,poor circulation but I was only diagnosed as hypothyroid a year ago at 69. Also on a low dose beta blocker which the GP says causes cold feet for him since his heart attack.

  • Looks like I will be doing a but of shopping today then lol. My mum had some Prob could never wear socks but she had it at the bottom of her feet she used to cut the socks in half and her toes were exposed I always thought it strange she's also hypo. I'm fortunate I was diagnosed at early age. This has defiantly been a struggle and the endo seems to think mine is inherited my cousin had her thyroid removed. This is all on my mother's side of family . 😢

  • Electric blanket was always my saviour. Invest in a good one that heats up in minutes. Dual control so other half doesn't moan when you have it on in August. This was always quickest way during the day for me to warm up.

    Sparkly x

  • Will do this I can't cope it keeps me up all night . They do say that if your feet are not at a certain temp that u won't be able to fall asleep and this very true . Also always had a cold bum lol hubby always mentions it lol not sure it's related lol but is funny haha x

  • I second the electric blanket! Only thing that works when I am chilled to the bone.

  • This may seem like a strange suggestion but last winter I was putting a big teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee everyday and it made me feel warmer. It's known as a natural thermagenic and is said to aid fat loss when dieting. There's lots of info on the net about it.

  • Omg that's really weird. Coconut seems to have a lot of healing properties for certain disorders also supposed to make ur teeth whiter. How much did u put in your coffee and did it taste ok in your coffee. Did it leave a oily residue on top x

  • I just put a heaped teaspoon in and it melts and forms a big puddle on top, a bit of cream and sweetener and you can just pretend it's from Starbucks. Lots of people cook with it or spread it on toast instead of butter. You do have to like coconut though as the taste is quite strong.

  • Oh I like Cocount just have a thing about oily things lol. I can't even use baby oil makes me feel physically sick lol. Sounds silly now I'm sating it lol. Deffo think I will give it ago x

  • I find that I am freezing cold when my blood sugar level is low. I am currently trying to go sugar free. The withdrawl is really hard but should help in the long run. Are you cold a few hours after eating?

  • I'm never really thought about it but yes now u mention it. This last night tho I can usually warm up after a few hours but it wouldn't happen last night. Just been started on Liothyronine only hormone as I been really ill lately my body was not absorbing or covering T4.

  • Its worth looking at your blood sugar. The adrenals kick in when bs is low. I am trying to eat lots of protein to correct by blood sugar and stop the ups and wons. Suagr addiction is really hard though.

  • I'm always craving sugar or chocolate not the best of things when u are over weight due to thyroid. My endo is checking me for diabetes he just done a none fasting test . Testing for lipids etc whatever they are. I'm new to all this but noticed things like body odour which has changed kind of like vinegar but no 1 seems to notice it but me . I always been ocd about being clean so noticed the difference in odour straight away. Have no idea if it's related to thyroid problems . Will have to wait and see if I'm diabetic . Not sure how long it takes for the bloods to come back x

  • Like Jengibbon01, I have been cutting out a lot of sugar and eating more protein because although I have an underactive thyroid and am quite slim, I do have belly fat and high cholesterol. Since cutting down on carbohydrates, I have noticed my belly fat is gradually going down. I've stopped eating cakes, ice cream and white bread. I do continue to eat fruit and vegetable as well as protein as these are good for you.

  • Have you tried wearing sox to bed? I find that helps me...I have neuropathy in my feet so I have to touch them to see if they are actually cold...but sox help me the most at night in bed.

  • I'm Deffo going to give it a go .anything is worth a try. X

  • My feet were always cold and I hate wearing socks with slippers so I bought some knitted slipper boots and some real sheepskin insoles ........... the best thing ever!! Now my feet stay warm without overheating or feeling restricted, I'm going to put some sheepskin slipper boots on my Christmas list :-) Hope you start to feel better soon Razzar x

  • Ty hun will look into it x

  • Hey Razzar1977...An electric blanket is wonderful for chills! Also, put socks on; these works for me.! brenda

  • Hi Razzar1977,

    If this freezing is constant i would suggest you ask doctor to have your intrinsic blood tested you maybe pernicious anaemic as thats the way i went, since i get my regular B12 injections my thermal control is all good x

  • I suffer bad with my b12 I was on injections contatntly until I moved 2 years ago. Now I moved to Wales they stopped my b12 injections saying that because I have not had any injections since I moved to that doctors surgery and because my levels were only Borderline and when they tested my bloods. The nurse refused to give me my injections even tho the doctor gave the go ahead but she went on maternity leave. I swear this doc is messed up in the head . My levels were Borderline cos I had only had my shots before leaving my last doctors 2 months before. I can not win lol I sort 1 thing and then they refuse point blank with something else . Instead they just give me 1 tablet of folic acid a day. They are seriously messed up. I can't feel me feet or hands still since last night I'm bloody miserable. I've tried everything. X

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