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Help with latest blood results please

Today received latest blood work. It was taken at a time when I was on 5 grains NDT.

Serum TSH 0.35 ( 0.40-4.00)

Serum T4 8.7 (10.00-25.00)

Serum T3 5.1 ( 2.80-7.00)

Serum Cortisol 178 (200-700)

Serum FSH 29 (1.00-13.00)

Cholesterol raised, Gamma GT raised,ESR raised.

Doctor referred me back to Endo.

Any advice please xx

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rgraham, I think your GP has probably referred you to endocrinology because your cortisol is below range and indicates primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease) or secondary adrenal insufficiency.

Thyroid levels are reasonable but FT3 is only just over half way through range. I think I would hold off increasing dose until your cortisol levels are improved in case more demand is put on adrenals.

ESR is an inflammation marker indicating inflammation or infection somewhere in the body.


Thanks Clutter. It just seemed a shock that my T4 had dropped so low, it was 15 last test and 19 before that.

I just wondered if the NDT was the cause of that?


Clutter just something to add. I have been given my date etc for endo. I check him out on the hospital website, and it turns out his profile actually states "I do not prescribe NOR endorse the use of alternatives for the treatment of hypothyroidism eg; NDT"

Thing is I take thiriod s . I tried to change him but he is the only Addison listed endo at that hospital.

Do you think I should change as it looks like I may have a battle before I start.



rgraham, Unequivocal statement that but is he treating you for Addisons or thyroid? If both, you'll have to decide whether to follow his treatment protocols or continue taking NDT, perhaps under the guidance of another endo.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. My GP does not know what is causing problems. But with low cortisol and low T4 she seems to think it best I see him, I just needed someone else to see that statement the way I did. I shall look into another endo.

Thanks again



Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is measured to assess irregular menstrual cycles, infertility problems, diagnosing disorders of the pituitary gland or diseases involving the ovaries

If you are menopausal age... a high FSH would indicate onset.



Thanks Flower, I had an oopherectomy at 39 so Menopause then. So nothing to be concerned about there then .x

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