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Endo Friday help with blood results please

Hi all you lovely people just picked up my blood results as I'm going to endo on Friday reception said they were all normal so shocked to find 4 out of range


Tsh 2.4 range 0.3-3.94

Free t 4 15.8 range 12.3-20.20

Serum free thyroid level is this T 3 ?

5.3 range 3.7 -6.7

The ones that are out of range are haematocrit 0.482 range


Mean cell hemoglobin 29.5 range 27.3-32.6

Red blood cell distribution width 16.5. Range 9.9-15.5

My folate at low end as well 4.8 range 4.6-18.7

The only other one out of range is my APL 124 range 35-104

Any pointers would be helpful can't see point of blood test if they tell you all normal when there not would never have known if I hadn't joined thyroid UK and learnt to ask for results

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Rush112, TSH is a bit high. Most are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 and a dose increase would raise FT4 which isn't optimal. FT3 is good, probably due to the high TSH stimulating conversion. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_... Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a full copy of the Pulse article if you want to show it to your endo.

Dehydration at time of testing can cause high RBC and haematocrit values.


APL is explained in this link labtestsonline.org/understa...

A B Complex vitamin and eating a folate rich diet will improve folate.


Thanks clutter I am feeling much better than I did a year ago I'm still on 5 mg of carb every other day so I'm sure that they will decrease it again

So hopefully the tsh will drop further just need burning hands and feet to stop and balance to improve


Rush, I didn't check your profile and assumed you were on Levothyroxine. It will be the Carbimazole making your TSH a bit high. I should think they'll reduce Carb or take you off it and try for remission if you've been on it for a while.

Have you had B12 tested? Off balance can be due to low B12 and possibly the burning hands and feet too.


Hi clutter my b12 is a bit of a issue as my mother and grandmother both had pa the hospital are aware of this

And when I last ask them to test my instruct factor they out right lied and said it had been tested I know it hasn't because I now always ask for my bloods when I started this journey my b12 was 388


My b12 was tested again this time and it's now 274 range 191- 663 so it's gone down but it's like banging my head against a wall trying to get them to do anything I have seen a neurologist and nerve function test showed nerve damage but they still won't check


Rush, ask for advice on PAS. Not sure whether intrinsic factor is skewed if supplementing B12 but if nerve damage is due to low B12 it may be reversible if supplementing is started soon enough.


Sorry but they are not normal in my book at all


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