Switching from Armour to Nature Throid

I am switching from Armour to Nature Throid due to costs. Does anyone have any advice please? I currently take 2 grains on waking and 1 grain at lunchtime.

Should I just swop when my Armour runs out or gradually change by doing 2g Armour 1gNT, then 2g NT 1g Armour and then 3g NT. Any advise from others who have done this would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Sorry, I have not made that switch so I wouldn't how; hopefully, someone else has and will tell you.

I wanted to know if you have been doing well on Armour?

Yes very well, it is just so expensive now.

Thank you, that is very interesting. Glad to hear someone is doing well on it! It's a shame they raised the price, though...:-(

I saw this if anyone is interested :0

I saw this too.


I think I will buy a bottle :) as you can buy it quite easily in the UK.

I am not sure how tricky it is to build up on. (i.e making 1/2 and 1 1/2 grains and they are only sold as a grain hard tablet)


Yes I checked this first before I bought it to check doses. It is slightly higher on T3 but my FT3 is within range.

Thyroid madness was the web site I checked, I think I replied to your wrong post!

That is Thyroid-S BTW

Yes I did look at Thyroid S in the UK from the big river company. Might try it in the future, much cheaper!

You can just switch straight over carrying on as you've done with Armour.

Ok thank you shaws.

I have read on here that some people made the switch without any transition and without any problems. STTM site has this link which will answer your question


It states that :"When switching, you will have to figure out if you need to be on a similar amount as before, or a different amount, according to symptoms."

Noting the feedback for the recent Armour formulation to be weaker and unstable, perhaps, it is safer to start on 1.5 grain of NT and see how you feel and decide whether you'll have to increase.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

I am currently on 3g per day so not sure I want to halve the dose as they are same T4 and slightly higher T3. I will probably start on 3 and reduce if I start to feel hyper. Thanks for your input. :)

Apologies, Wedding 2000, I had misread the dose. I thought you were only on 2 grains. Indeed, 1.5 grains will not be the same as 3.

Take care

Thank you. Not sure how easy they are to cut in half, I will find out if I need to reduce!

Yeah this is the problem I can for see. How easy is it to split the Thyroid S tablet in half?

Don't know will let you know when I start them if I remember!

Hi, I find the Thyroid-S tablets much easier to cut than Armour or Nature Throid. Very easy to cut into quarters with a cheap pill cutter.

Ok might try that next if Nature Throid doesn't work. I am on whole grains at the moment so as long as I stay well I hopefully won't have to cut them.

So nice to know LuckyKat. I will have to cut them too and quarter. I am making the switch from Nature Throid to Thyroid-S. Much cheaper I have to say.

Hi I am also going to switch from Armour to Nature throid. I am very nervous of the switch to be honest. I was on just levo for 10 years and felt like I was just existing for years, so when I made the switch to armour my gp told me to just switch as normal, I was taking 200mg levo, so he told me to take 2 grains of armour..

God did I suffer as a consequence, nearly end up in hospital, my body never had T3 so to just introduce it at 2 grains was a VERY bad decision!

Anyway don't need to bore u with hypo/hyper symptoms, because it sounds like you know also what they both feel like. So I eventually worked my way up to 3 grains over a 4 month period, due to the exc3llent advice from admins and patients on this forum ☺☺and I am beginning to feel human again ☺☺

Except when I picked up my prescription today there was a 40 euro price increase!! I cannot afford this every month along with other meds and the long list if supplements, so I will change to nature throid in 4 weeks time but I will Def introduce slowly, I really hope that there will be a positive outcome 😕😕

Your GP prescribes it lucky you! My private endo prescribed it and he asked my GP to prescribe it and my GP refused. See a previous post about CCG response as I can't get it in Worcestershire. Now I just buy direct from USA as advised by my endo, but it has gone up from about 160 dollars to 250 I think when I last looked - then add on VAT and post office charges too costly now. Luckily my endo started me on 1/2 a grain but I had to keep going back every couple of weeks to beg him to increase it as I was so hypo to start with. It took 6 months but got there eventually. I will probably start next week. If you are on Armour you can simply switch from 3 grains Armour to 3g Nature Throid no problem if you read responses to this post above and follow links. It is only when you first start NDT you have to do it slowly. There should be no noticeable difference between Armour and Nature Throid - fingers crossed! I will let you know how I get on, if I remember!

Lol I hope we do remember! ! Best of luck on your journey ☺☺

I made the switch, just take them like you have been with Armour.

Ok thank you. did you notice any change at all or all good?

A big improvement, I think the fillers in Nature thyroid suited me better.

I switched from Armour to WP Thyroid 2 grains with no problems in the past. I hope that helps (as both are made by RLC labs anyway)

Nature Throid and Westhroid or WP Thyroid that is :) WP Thyroid is gluten free while Nature Throid isn't.

OK thank you very much. I don't have a gluten problem as far as I know.

I am gluten free, I am not clear with your post, you are saying Naturethroid is not gluten free?

Both Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid are gluten free.

here is the comparison chart


although they are pointing at titanium dioxide as the suspicious source in Armour, it is not.

Armour's dextrose although the claim it is corn-based, several GF patients (including a post in here) have reported discomfort similar to the one when they had taken gluten.

This is very possible as Dextrose can be wheat-based, most of the times, as well as from corn.

Thank you MelanieLondon, this is very helpful info.

You are very welcome, Margo.

Thank you :)

No probs :-)

Sorry I am wrong. I thought that was the difference


Thank you 😊

I didn't notice any difference when I changed from Armour to Nature throid. About to change to Thyroid-S, glad to know they can be cut as they only come in one grain and they don't seem to have a cutting line down the middle like the others.

Thank you I hope I am the same :)

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