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Hi I am new to the site, I have just had blood result back and could do with some advice

TSH 2.18 (0.3-3.94)

Free T4 13.1 (12.3-20.2)

Free T3 4.0 (3.7-6.7)

B12 447 (191.0-663.0)

Iron 14 ( 7.0-26.0)

VIt D 89 No range

I am suffering from weight gain, depression, tiredness and pain when some ones touches me it feels like its left a bruise. My ankles also swollen.

I am not taken levothyroxin and want to look at natural replacement, some one has mentioned to me about getting it from Thailand is this correct ? and I would appreciate some guidance on my blood results, i think the only one that needs attention is my TSH is this correct thank you in advance

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Hi Lisette, and welcome to the forum.

Has your GP offered any advice about your sensitivity to touch? I'm not aware of it being a typically hypothyroid symptom and your vitamins and minerals are good and unlikely to be the cause.

Your TSH isn't high enough for a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and prescription for Levothyroxine although it is high enough to cause some of the clinical symptoms you describe and your FT4 and FT3 are quite low in range. When you have your next thyroid blood test make sure to have it very early in the morning when TSH is highest.

Your B12 is pretty good but it won't harm to supplement with 1,000mcg daily of methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges or spray.

Iron and vitD look pretty good also. If you are able to get in the sunshine a few hours a week you probably don't need to supplement until October-April when the light spectrum is insufficient to produce vitD.


Those levels of ft3 and ft4 are similar to how mine were I.e. barely in range, I've learned that ft3 needs to be in upper third of range to start feeling even remotely human. My symptoms went once this result was right near the top of healthy range when taking NDT . Ft4 didn't change but that made no difference as t3 is the active hormone. Generally relying on TSH to rise enough to diagnose hypothyroidism is utterly useless in most people. For info mine never got past 2.59 and I was a mess. Exhausted , freezing cold and suffering with multiple infections. I thank my lucky stars I got to see the late Dr Skinner. He prescribed armour, but my GP won't even admit I have a thyroid problem so we're alike in this fiasco. Unfortunately :(


My results look very similar to yours, but my Vit D was really low. Of course doc says I am normal......but I had a scan in my neck and have nodules and multi nodular goitre. And I had so many symptoms and was I'll for years. I am never cold tho, but my hands and feet will be, but my internal thermostat must be rusted. But I itched and nauseous, fat, depressed, felt crazy........I self medicate NDT. I feel so much better. Not 100 percent but hey what is? My face stopped turning beet red every night, my clothes stopped feeling like sandpaper. My TSH was 2.09 but I took the test late in the day. It was before I knew about this site. Hope you feel better and hope,this helps. Ps I take lots of supplements, selenium. Zinc, b12 D3 magnesium TUMERIC kelp. EOP, evening oil of primrose. I had to take charge of my health because even when I went private, even with a goitre he sent me away for testing NHS in 6 months. I have not even had a letter from my GP. Why bother? I chase em up in another couple of months. X x


ritaritarita, I found your comment about your face turning red very interesting. I have noticed this over the past year along with so many other symptoms of hypo that I developed including myxedema and extreme fatigue and muscle pain. Is this red face a hypo symptom? And if so how or why? Vasodilation? Adrenals?

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Suzannai I have no idea what it is from. Since I started the NDT is has stopped, tho I am boiling hot most of the time, so sensative to heat, and cold too. Also the itching has stopped too. Wish I knew more, just happy it has stopped. X x


The sensitivity to touch can be related to an increase in lactic acid in the body. This can be a hypo symptom, similar to fibromyalgia, a defect in the ability of the mitochondria to work properly. There is alot of overlap between FM and hypothyroid and some would say that they are one in the same although I know that this is not the case for everyone. B vitamins can help to support healthy muscle action aswell and support the mitochondria to get rid of lactic acid.


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