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At my wits end. Hashi & hairloss! Will it ever stop??

Omg! I can't stop crying. This morning I woke up with 78 hairs on my pillow!! (Yes I counted) Is there anybody out there still on levo with hashi that had severe hairloss and is now better? I just need some hope! I'm beginning to think it's not just thyroid, or am I over reacting? Also I'm pregnant aren't I suppose to be growing hairs not losing them? I dread to think what's gonna happen when I give birth 😥

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Muffin, there are people on Levothyroxine with a fine head of hair. I think pregnancy can cause hairloss as well as hair growth. My mother had wonderful skin and hair when she was carrying me but the opposite when she was pregnant with my sister.

It's normal to lose 50-60 hairs daily, more when hair is washed infrequently.


I love been losing hair for months before I conceived. That's why I had went to the docs about my thyroid and the. When they increased my levo I conceived. I know pregnancy can take its toll but as I was already losing hair its freak if me out really bad. I had actually counted hair from my brush that day which I had lost 190 something then I woke up the next morning I had that in my pillow. I just thought my levo increase and thyroid levels would have improved my hairloss but it hasn't. 😕.


I'm not much help because I've got Graves but at one point in my treatment I was let to become hypo and my hair fell out.

No you are definitely not over reacting. I can only say it drove me mad! Every time I washed it I used to have to rinse my hands and flick all the hair off.

I got so obsessed I used to photograph the hair in the foot of the bath using my iPad! I also collected each pile of hair and kept it in little bank money bags. I was keeping it to 'show' to the next idiot person (usually a doctor or nurse) who said 'oh but you've got lovely thick hair' It looked ok but I knew it was falling out all over the place and I knew that when I washed it it went from being a nice thick 'rope' of hair to being about as thin as a pencil. I suspect I was seriously unhinged about it all.

Loads of people get really upset about their hair falling out - like me it is kind of the straw that breaks the camel's back so you are not alone.

I did find that once my thyroid was sorted out that the hair loss stopped and my hair has thickened up. Hopefully once your body settles down, thyroid and pregnancy, your hair will sort itself out.

In the meantime I used and still do one of the Kerastase shampoos, I also used to use meadowsweet hair products from a company called Dancing Dolphin - they are based in Skye and I got them mail order, there is or used to be a small TUK discount.

I have to say that eventually I tried not to brush or touch my hair if at all possible, it just upset me when I removed my hand / brush and found all my hair stuck to it. Wirse still my husband was always finding my hairs in his food, I suppose I should probably have worn one of those catering hairnets, I didn't I just ranted and raved, photographed and bagged up my hair. So ((((big hugs)))) to you, I know just how you feel.


Believe it or not I've been that obsessed I count how many hairs I lose each day because I know u can lose upto 100 per day. I count sometimes nearly 300 a day. That day I had already counted 190 odd then woke up with nearly 90 more on my pillow. It's horrifying! At 26 I didn't think I would be dealin with this! Back in March I got my levo increased and assumed it would fix my hair problem but it just seems to get worse. My hair is noticeably thinning and even balding at the front. My husband has even started to notice so I know I'm not going mad. I just don't know what to do


Get your ferritin checked...that's usually the culprit. Then find out what is safe to take while pregnant...majority of the time it's that (iron). I found biotin helped too...but don't know about tsking while pg.


I had ferritin checked in maybe July I think which was 83! I'm going to go back on the 14th and ask for my thyroid, iron, ferritin, vitD and b12 to be done again. I just don't get it if my levels are ok why would I be going bald at 26😕


Good idea, you could always start collecting hair every day in little bankmoney bags from the bank until then to show them you're not being funny.

I'm not surprised you're fed up with it. Hopefully if you get everything tested and everything is towards the top of their lab ranges then eventually things will go back to normal. Could be a combination of pregnancy and thyroid but I don't ow.

In the meantime it would be worth reading as much as you can to see if you can get any clues either about what could be causing it or what could be done to stop it. Once you've got all your information make a list with bullet points and work thigh it with your doctor.

Have you thought about finding a good trichologist? That might be worth trying although I don't know of any and you would need to be careful to get someone properly qualified who would not rip you off.

Good luck with it, it really is very upsetting and you're not alone in feeling upset about hair loss :)


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