Still having hair shedding

Still having hair shedding

Hi still have hair shedding but can't notice that it looks thinner so worried it's going to get worse if nothing done it's been 13 goi g on 14 weeks on Levo and it only started from week 3 or so of being on it so worried as love my hair and don't want to lose it as it's the only thing I have going for myself as I have body dysmorphia and fret about things to start with has anyone had this and it's stopped eventually so scared please advise thanks sorry pic went upside down 😬

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  • Wow, your hair is so shiny. Is your ferritin over 70? Have you tried biotin supplements?

  • Hi Sonson on, it's very common to lose hair when just starting thyroxine or after a dose increase. It should settle down and eventually stop. Must be due to the sudden hormonal changes in the body

  • Your hair looks lovely.

    My daughters shedded, became dry and brittle. She bought ferrous fumerate from pharmacy since her ferritin level had dropped in 4 to 5 months....

  • Thank you have had ferritin etc checked and ll came back fine. Went to doctors yesterday and he did u had no bald patches on my head and said exactly what you said Pastille thank you I didn't get any notifications of your replies otherwise would have replied earlier many thanks il give it a few more weeks see how it goes xx

  • Sonson, hair starts to shed when you start on Levo, because the Levo converts your testosterone to the bad form of testosterone - can't remember the name. It should only be a temporary effect, but to off-set it, you can take Evening Primrose Oil, with Borage Oil.

    When you say your nutrients are 'fine', what exactly does that mean? And who said they are 'fine'? Your doctor? Your doctor has no idea if they are 'fine' or not. For him, everything 'in range' is OK, but that's not so in real life. 'In range' is not the same as 'optimal'. So, I would advise you to post the results here and let people have a look. It could be that they are actually very low. They usually are for hypos. :(

  • I agree with grey goose. Ask for your actual results and range for ferritin. It's not enough to be "just in the range". - for ferritin it needs to be higher in the range to stop hair loss

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