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No thyroid due to papilliary cancer and am having some tests on Vit D and serum folate and would appreciate comments

Vit D level 95 nmol/L, Serum folate 8.7ug/L, Serum ferratin 36 ug/L, Serum vit B2 605ng/L (I take a spray supplement). Serum cholesterol 6.8 ( I have familial high cholesterol, apart from thyroid influence) Serum HDL 2.22mmol/L, Serum triglyceridesn0.63 mmol/L, Serum LDL cholesterol level 4.29, Serum cholesterol HDL ratio 3.1. Serum ionised calcium level 2.33mmol/L, Serum adjusted calcium conc 2.33mmol/L , Serum inorganic phosphate 1.34 mmol/L, Serum alk phos liver enzyme level 70u/L, Serum albumin 40g/L,Plasma fasting glucose level 4.6mmol/L. Sadly they have failed to give my thyroid levels but will post when I rceive them. Many thanks for casting your eye over these results. My cholesterol was over 9 once so I am not unhappy with 6.8

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Hi, I know it's a drag, but it's best to include the reference ranges for each test alongside the actual result.


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