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Taking T3 and magnesium citrate together?


Sorry if this was discussed already, I used the search function and also googled but couldn't find an answer. I know you can't take magnesium and levo together but what about T3? The reason I'm asking is because I'm having difficulty timing my magnesium intake as I have to eat a lot of calcium in smaller absorbable doses because I have osteoporosis. Now I take mg only at night but would be good to be able to get another dose during the day.

Thank you.

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If you take T3 once daily - I leave 4 hours between T3 (or T4) and supplements. Some might leave 2 hours but I am cautious and don't want any inteference.


Thanks for replying.

I take T3 3x (60 mcg total). I've been thinking about trying magnesium oil, guess in that case no need to leave time between the two?


Hi Starlight555

I have just started to use Magnesium oil.

I never considered using it at the same time as Levo . Oops 😱



I use a magnesium oil spray from BetterYou. Its a transdermal, spray onto the skin and absorbed straight into the body, avoiding the gut. The one I get, is used just before bedtime.

You could also intake your magnesium with a foot soak or bath with Espom salts.



Thanks, I'll try this. Would you mind me asking if this helps you being regular? I'm using mg citrate primarily to avoid constipation.


Not really, you don't get that affect with transdermal absorption as it's going straight into the body and cells, and not via the gut.


If you are having constipation it could be due to being underdosed.


I thought about that too. But guess it's a problem with not enough T3 getting into my cells rather than not taking enough. Most likely I have cortisol issues, did a saliva test back in Sep 2013. They were in range but noon cortisol was quite low, just a bit over the lower limit. Been feeling worse so last week I had an ACTH stim test but won't know the results until about mid August. I felt very tired during and after the test which makes me think that my adrenals didn't respond to the stimulation.


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