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Hi please can anyone offer me any advice as I don't know what to do . I saw my GP last Monday and asked if I could get iron injections which he refused my result is Iron profile 5 range 10-30 I am exhausted dizzy vertigo memory foggy severe headaches just so lethargic . I asked if I can see my Endocrinologist and was refused that also as apparently me being Vitamin D deficient and iron deficient is part of me and has nothing to do with Endocrinology . Please can someone tell me is this right that I should be feeling like this .i am only on the iron tablets a month now and have nearly fainted so many times .

Many thanks in advance


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Hello Angie56,

Thyroid disorders compromise the body and many of us find we are low in important vitamins and nutrients.

Having optimal levels indirectly help thyroid meds to work and it is important to supplement any deficiencies.

An endocrinologist is a specialist in the endocrine system including the thyroid gland. Your doctor won't refer you to an endocrinologist for an iron or Vit D deficiency.

You said you were supplementing and it can take a while to raise levels. If there are absorption problems you will need a referral to a haematologist.

Your serum iron test results should consist of several others such as ferritin, folate, and transferrin saturation. There are many other tests that are used to define an iron deficiency.

Angie56, your symptoms could be a result of not enough thyroid meds as looking at your test results from a previous post both T3 and T4 look too low.

Have you had an increase in your thyroid meds?

Also have you had Vit B12 checked as that is as important as iron and vit D?



Hi Flower007 ,

Thanks so much for your kind advice . I am only on 50mg of levothyroxine and doctors won't change that though I had the same symptoms last year and thankfully when vitamin d was optimal I got better . My B12 was ok I can't remember the result as my brain is very foggy sorry. I am on the iron tablets a month tomorrow so hopefully they will work soon . It's the vertigo and weakness I find hard to cope with but hopefully I will feel better soon :)


I had to go via haematology for an iron infusion


Hi Blue daffodil aw that sounds awful poor you :(


This link explains the importance of optimal iron levels in relation to thyroid issues.

Don't forget to take iron supps 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.



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