Is it worth arguing with the doctor??

I'm currently under the private care of an endo and I need blood tests to see what my TSH level, iron and Vit D levels are. I have reached my private cost level and any further treatment will have to come out of my own pocket so I rang the doctors to ask for them to arrange for my blood tests. They have refused stating that whilst I am under the care of a private endo, my tests have to be done privately too.

I'm livid and have asked for an appt to argue this out with the doctor. My point is, they put me on the iron and the vit d so surely they should be monitoring my levels??

Surely I'm perfectly entitled to an NHS blood test even though I've gone with a private endo? I'm only with a private endo because my doctor doesnt know how to make me better, ballsed up my diagnosis, allowed me to become seriously ill, then didn't recommend the local endo so suggested I source my own under our private health care.

Why should I now have to pay for tests which if I didn't see an endo the doctor would have to instruct me to have as vit d and iron levels need to be monitored?

Be good to hear your views on this, many thanks

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  • Why not just explain that as he's not been able to help you, you've been left with no alternative but to seek advice elsewhere.

    If he doesn't play ball then state that you'll write a formal letter of complaint about his lack of treatment. That should sort him out!

    Is there anyone who could accompany you? We really shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense when it's our taxes paying their wages.

    Good luck and hope you get it sorted.

  • Precisely! I've paid taxes all my life and it's only now I've had to have the help of the NHS I'm 45.

    My husband will come with me and argue it out and it's actually him who thinks I should get the NHS to do this test and why should I not be entitled to it. I'm turning towards paying for the test, a) because it's quicker (can't get an appt with the doc for 2 weeks and even then no guarantee she will authorise test) b) after these tests my endo thinks I may need a bit of T3 which we are going to try and get GP to prescribe on the NHS. Worried that if I upset GP at this stage, I'll never get the T3! c) I get stressed out over all this and by paying for test, it's a stress free option.

    However, I really do think it's disgusting the way we are treated by the GP's. They are simply a business, all they care about is making sure their figures add up - not our health. Very sad.

  • You don't need your GP to obtain T3. It isn't expensive and you don't need a scrip. I'm surprised your private Endo doesn't know this. PM me if you want suppliers.

  • There may be something in the NHS constitution to help argue your case..! :)

    Check out the whole NHS section - you may find something helpful. :) xx

  • Thanks Louise - there are certainly sections I can "quote" to the doctor to help my case! If only they did treat you as kindly and respectfully as the Constitution suggests! x

  • My GP has said that if I need venous blood to do my own testing then the surgery nurse will do it for me-haven't tested that yet though!

  • Fingers crossed for you!

  • Sorry to hear you are being treated that way. I have lupus and when my NHS rheumatologist was letting me down, refusing to order tests, etc, it was my NHS GP who convinced me to go private and said he would work with him and order all blood tests and scripts based on what he ordered. (My ins excluded Lupus as it was a pre-existing condition.) You could certainly fight his decision, or maybe look for a new GP?

  • So pleased you are being treated the way we should be Iris. I need to have a chat with my GP I think instead of going through the secretary.

  • There are some good ones out there. My endo, on the other hand, don't get me started! ; )

    Good luck x

  • Hi All my private consultants ( many) ask the GP to do my blood tests, as they request . Make sure the consultant puts it is their report , what tests you need and also have a copy yourself. it is important then to go to GP with the letter, just in case. it will probably not work by phone.. If still a problem use Blue Horizon, same Lab as most private hospitals, a fraction of the cost. The consultants kl now them and are happy with their tests, do not use a private hospital for bloods ,unless insured, cost.

    If GP difficult, they have a duty of care to all patients , the same as they prescribe drugs on private consultants instructions, this is p\arty for total care of the patient.If you see a private doc ie not a consultant, none of this applies.

    For other conditions, my GP will only do tests for me once a week, although 4 consultants tell her, it must be done at least twice. This is slightly different, then she says I have to pay for them. However, the GP is still responsible and none of my consultants have ever heard of this! So unusual, she quotes, costs and I should be in hospital etc

    I hope this helps. Usually with difficult gP`s always better to see them in person.


  • Think you are right Jackie, I need to see the GP face to face and state my case. I just don't get it, it was me who went to Blue Horizon in the first place to get private blood tests for Vit D & Iron, because of what I had read on here. The GP was great then and prescribed me Vit D & Iron, this was in September and I have not been tested since. I still felt rubbish in December and asked to be referred to an endo, which she did. The endo upped my Vit D and iron and then March 1st told me to ask my GP to retest me to see where my levels are. Now I find myself in this situation. I truly believe the GP should have tested me prior to the endo even requesting it. There is no way I should just be continuing without knowing what my levels are *sigh*. Ive got an appt next week with GP to *discuss* - may just go to BH and get the tests done though so I can just get on with things. Not the way it should be but I need an easy life, too many other things to contend with!!

  • Hi My GP

    will do my vit D and calcium, for Endo. My caclcum is dangerously high so I cannot have any D now, osteomalacia now , horrible. I still have 3 monthly D tests and calcium nearly every week,however, if I want the D quickly and a better test, I use Blue Horizon, it is expensive £55 but the only test my rheumy likes Your GP should have done both tests, 3 months after starting D treatment , so that D could be put up if desirable.It is usually started low because of the effect on the calcium.

    The scandalous thing is my GP practice only tests 2 people for D in the practice, no one else needs it!!!! The Lab take 3 weeks, NH,here S because they also test so few, so they save them up to do together.


  • I was with a private endo for a time but then the insurers would not pay for ongoing care. My endo just switched me over to the N.H.S. care, ask your endo there was some forms to sign. I visit the hospital every six months to monitor levels . In fact I see the same endo, I am overactive.

  • Hi this is where I am, my insurers are saying I have spent enough for the year now!! ha ha! I am feeling so much better now anyway, thank goodness so I am reaching the end of my care with my endo as she has done her job! I just need these tests and if in range she will advise a small dose of T3 to be given to me by GP. We are then hoping that this will make me feel 100% and can be signed off by endo. The GP will then HAVE to send me for regular testing if I need to remain on the VIT D.

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