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Jaw pain with too much Armour

I was on 90 Synthroid for a year but was so tired by this past January I asked my PCP to up my dose. She did to 112. But then found Armour and switched to that in AprilI because I had but too many negative side effects on Stnthroid and the new dose still not working

I realize I was likely vitamin deficient so upped my iron, B12, and D.

Doctor put me on 90 Armour. When u take that much I get terrible pain in my lower jaw (on the two sides)

She told me to try taking the 90 only every other day and a half pill in between. But I stil get the pain.

I feel better when I cut the pill and take 3/4 of it.

Does anyone else get jaw pain? Thinking the 90 is too much T3

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Piper79, There may be too much T3 in 90mg for you. If 3/4 grain isn't enough you might consider adding some T4 as the proportions of T4:T3 in NDT don't suit everyone.

If you can post your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

You should have a blood test to determine whether you are iron, vitD or B12 deficient and to determine appropriate doses rather than supplement blindly. Too high levels of iron and vitD are as bad as too little.


Sorry for all the typos. I was typing that original message on my phone and it autocorrects.

Anyway… here are the results. These are before I started the Armour and was on the 112 Synthroid, but I had been taking the iron, Vit D, and B12 about 2 months.

TSH 0.47 (0.35-4.94); T3 106 (58-159); FE iron 60 (50-170); Ferritin 26 (5-204); Vit D 51.1 (<30); B12 909 (213-816); Zinc 83 (56-134); Magnesium 2.1 (1.8-2.4); Cortisol 11.8 (3.7-19.4); PTH 74.7 (27.7-96)

When I switch over to the Armour, it made me realize that I may not have been converting the T4 to T3 on the Synthroid so the increasing wouldn't make much of a difference. I now have lots of energy on the Armour and feel so much better, but still cannot lose weight. And cutting the pill with a knife isn't always accurate so I'm probably getting different doses everyday.

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Piper, you can get pillcutters from pharmacies. Easier than cutting with a knife.

Ask for a thyroid blood test when you have been on NDT for 8 weeks.

Ferritin and iron are low. Take 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipaton.

B12 is excellent. In the USA vitD 50ng/ml is optimal.

Your other results are within range.

Losing hypo weight gain can be very difficult but having energy means you should be able to exercise. It maybe worth trying a gluten-free diet. Some members find it increases absorption of iron and helps with weightloss.


Thank you. I do also take vit C with the iron. And have cut out about 80% of gluten products since January which has helped


Piper, you can't be a little bit gluten-free. If you want to see whether your symptoms improve and absorption increases you need to be 100% gluten-free.

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I understand that even a little gluten can be a problem but it has helped to change my diet


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