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Hi all

Iv had hypothyroidism for 10 years and i was prescribed 100mg levo i have gained 4st and only 5ft its too much weight to bare im sleepy all day awake all night cry all the time im agrophobic i have anxiety attacks iv begged my gp for help he just offers me Prozac which obviously I refuse to take my blood tests never check my Ft3 levels or vit levels so i am going to get a private check iv told my gp im stopping my levo as I'm obviously not converting he doesn't agree but hey ho they never do. Iv bought "Armour " as iv heard its the best i asked him how much to take he advised me on that but advised levo is the best . Rubbish . In my opinion. I take 2x 30mg 1/2 grain armour tabs they each contain 19mcg T4 and 4.5mcg liothyonine (t3) i also take magnesium omega 3 coconut oil capsule vit B12 and Vit D3 my question is about the dose of the armour is it enough ? Iv been taking it for 2 weeks i have noticed a definite increase in my energy levels but im still not at my peak . I buy my armour from an American pharmacy and I live in the UK any advice would be welcome . Thanks in advance

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Sorry to hear how you have been treated,I too have started Armour 3 months ago after decades on Levo

Ordered private bloods but cant find nurse yet to take blood I on the Wirral UK ,I do feel better I take 1 and a half grain but need blood test to see whats what .You will receive lots of good info here ,iI still getting mt head round it all ,

Jodiedebs55 in reply to Rval

Thankyou so much for your reply iv just increased it to 3 a day i take it first thing with a pint of water and I can honestly say im amazed at the way i feel already . My joints are not so painful and my migraines have practically gone and I feel more energetic . I'm definitely going to stay on Armour though I admit im struggling with the cost of £122 a month with shipping and customs cost . Gp wont prescribe it unfortunately. 😏

I've been on 30 MG of Armour for over 2 years now. The Endocrinologist I saw recently, kept me on the same dose. It's worked well for me. So I can't say whether you are taking enough or not. How you feel is the way you know if it is or not.

Thankyou i feel a million times better and no longer go back to bed the minute my son goes to school my only worry is the cost as my gp refuses to prescribe armour

Hi Jodìe

I was on Levo for 30 years GP just prescribed Armour 😆he an older chap who gave it when i asked ,I said nothing working with ALL my complaints and he did it ,tell the gp your family bought you some privately because your at your wits end,tell him ot amazing but you cant pay for it ,its worth a try ,

Jodiedebs55 in reply to Rval


Thank you for your reply i tried that and he just said its not necessary as levo is all I need even though tests have proved im not converting . It's just so depressing and as much as i repeatedly ask for help he just knocks me back . Cant change Gp as I'm literally miles from anywhere and they are the nearest within a 20 mile radius unfortunately.

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