Hi All,

I started taking 1.5 grains of Armour just over 3 months ago and although I feel the brain fog has gone and because of that alone I felt better.

I went to see my Endo a month ago and it was a quick in quick out app, I did tell her that I did feel better because I felt the brain fog had lifted and that I felt I was more focused, I did tell her that I found myself getting tired early in the day, she went onto say that my blood results was in normal range and as I felt better she was happy to keep me on the Armour but I forgot to mention some of the other symptoms that I have been getting, weight gain, feeling hot and perspiring early morning sometimes throughout the day, some of the symptoms came at a later date, my ankles are slightly swollen, I do feel breathless sometimes, I also get palpitations and sometimes a slight ache in my chest but it was still early days and I thought some of them symptoms may subside, anyway she did say to me that she was happy with me staying on Armour and gave me private script for 3 months of Armour, she also gave me a blood test form to have blood test done previous to next app date, she told me that if I feel like I am getting into trouble to just go to any clinic and get bloods done and ring her secretary if I need to see her.

My endo had wrote to my GP with my lab results with taking Armour and stated that she will not be increasing the Armour.

I don't think I was this bad when I was on 125mg of Levo. I don't know what to do, stay on the Armour or go back on the Levo? With the levo i did not tire early in the day, or have the ache and palpitations and feeling hot and sweaty.

My blood test results for Oct for being on 2 months of Armour, there was no range given.

TSH 0.34

Can anyone shed any light on these symptoms because I feel confused by other peoples experience on how much Armour they are taking which in some cases are on alot more than me. Considering I have no thyroid I seem to be on a low dose of Armour and yet my bloods come back in normal range eerrghhhh!


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  • Hi miss chris - I too am taking NDT, but my TSH has to be suppressed for me to feel well. Did you have fT3 and fT4 tests done as well? My usual results are TSH < 0.02 (undetectable). FT4 mid range and fT3 top 1/3rd of range. It sounds like you still have symptoms and need am increase.

  • Hi Clarebear,

    I did have FT3 done but I never got the result, she said it was a little high but was not concerned about it.

    I have a blood form and she is testing FTF3 so I will ask for the results and lab ranges but that is a couple of months away.

    I think your right about needing an increase in meds, I will mention it to her on my nxt app.

  • 1,5 grains of NDT is a starting dose for most. Most seem to end up somewhere between 3 and 5 grains to rid themselves of all symptoms, and some need even more. I know of patients on 7,5 grains of Armour.

    When on NDT, you have to dose by FT levels and symptoms. The TSH is completely irrelevant as it tends to be completely suppressed when your FTs are optimal.

  • Hi Anna69,

    I think I need an increase, will mention this on my nxt app . I need to make sure I get all my results, otherwise its pointless if I don't them.


  • do you know of any doctors that understand what you are saying? I am in Iowa in U.S.... I do not want to go back on synthroid. I have been raised from 1/2 grain to 1, then 1.5... I know its way too low. I have low energy and am at that useless mode and highly depressed. When I take more I feel better but have to order from out of country and it is not exact same formula as ARMOUR... Any help would be great. If you have a white paper on what you said pls send me a link. I will bring to doc and try to fight one last time... sharon . conte @ hotmail

  • Could you ring the endo to get your most recent test results (and ranges)? I don't think it would be a good idea to wait until your next appt for an increase, sounds like you need one sooner.

    When I started armour I increased when I needed to and just told my endo what I had done at the next appointment - he seemed ok with this approach, although we didn't agree up front that this would be ok.

    I completely agree with increasing until symptoms email instead and TSH being irrelevant. Not everyone ends up on a big dose - I have settled on 2.25 grains and have been stable for about 18 months.

  • *eliminated nog email :D

  • I did ring my endo secretary and asked for the results and all she sent me was the TSH without the range. I think I will ring tmrw and see if I can get an app with her because she may have acted differently if I would of explained the symptoms properly, she is a very busy endo and sometimes you just feel that she just doesn't have enough time as she has so many patients waiting to see her.

    Good that you have managed to get yourself in a good place, that is what I am trying to do but there is so many obstacles to cross :(


  • I felt dreadful by fine now, so worth all of the effort :) :) Good luck x

  • Thanks Clarebear :) Take care xx

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