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Muscle pains in legs and conversion problem - can you help please?

Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your help and support over the last year. I feel that I have no faith in so many of the GPs and would welcome your advice. After a three year struggle where I insisted that I have a thyroid and adrenal problem and my doctor insisted that I didn't, I finally came up positive for TPO antibodies- not really high but still over range - mine were 150 when they should have been 0-35. My doctor insisted that I did not have a thyroid problem and I ended up speaking with an integrative doctor . I then began taking Nutri adrenals, Nutri thyroid and DHEA . I have been receiving B12 injections and tablets for low b12. I also take VitaminD, Magnesium and after recent blood tests, my ferritin was 37 ( range 17-200) so although I was told this was fine, I am trying to get my Ferratin up to around 60-70 .

I was also advised to self medicate with a therapeutic dose of Narure Thyroid which I began in February this year. I started on 1/4 grain and worked my way up to 1.25 grains a few months ago.

My first pre treatment result in February was;

TSH. 2.26. ( range 0.35- 5.5)

Free T4. 14.2. ( range. 9-24 pmol/l)

T3. 2.0. ( range. 0.9-2.8 nmol/l) note this is T3 as NHS won't do free T3

After nutri adrenals and nutri thyroid my results in March were

TSH. 1.93 ( 0.35- 5.5)

Free T4. 18.1. ( 9-24)

T3. 2.0. ( 0.9- 2.8 )

Now after taking Nature Thyroid since March my results are :

TSH. <0.1. ( 0.35- 5.5)

Free T4. 23.9 ( 9-24)

T3 2.0 ( 0.9- 2.8)

I am now being sent to an endocrinologist as my TSH has dropped although I have not mentioned the NDT self medication. I can see that over the period since February, my TSH is dropping ( too low maybe ) and my free t4 is now optimal but I'm wondering why my t3 has not increased at all over this period. All my T3 results have been 2.0. Do you think I have a conversion problem? I have never had my free T3 measured before.

A few weeks ago I tried to increase my dose of NDT to about 2 grains then came down with a flu . Mt legs , calves and thighs now ache and are restless and painful. Was this too much do you think ? Could this have caused my muscle pain ? I have reduced it again now but wondered what you thought?

- Do you think my T3 is okay and do you think I have a conversion problem?

- Do you think my leg muscle pain is down to too much NTD or not enough?

Thanks so much for all your help as I value your opinion so much. X

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LauraLaura13, Your GP probably referred you because s/he thinks you are hyperthyroid. You've wasted the GP's time by not admitting you are self medicating and should tell the GP so the referral can be withdrawn.

The NHS do test FT3. I think the T3 must be FT3. Total T3 range is something like (80-150). The T3 is optimal, just shy of the top third of range but I don't know why it hasn't risen since you've been taking NDT. FT4 is top of the range but that isn't optimal for everyone, some find it can make them feel hyper. You don't need more NDT, you probably need less.

When did the calf pain and restless legs start? Specifically, after which dose increase?

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Hi Clutter, I had the muscle pains before any treatment and then they reduced with self treatment with NDT although they didn't disappear altogether. They did seem to worsen when I raised the dose.

I looked again Clutter at the description on my results and the T4 is described as Free T4 but the T3 just as T3.

I posted about the situation of being referred to the endocrinologist on this site and other members seemed to advise that I should not mention it especially since the GP has refused to send me to an endocrinologist before.

Really not sure what do do now Clutter as I feel unwell and can't seem to be referred for the right reasons.

Thanks again .


Laura, try to figure out at which dose the muscle aches improved before they got worse. If you can't, reduce in quarter grain increments until they improve.


Thanks Clutter.


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