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Couldn't lose weight - Hashimoto

Hi, I was diagnose last year. I have hashi and also estrogen dominance (have no progesterone). I take progesterone accordingly but I think it's not stable yet either.

My lab result looks too good but not losing weight. I have been on levothyroxin since the day I was diagnose. From 50mcg raise to 100mcg. Will you guys still recommend me to take thyroid-s?

T3 - 6.85 (3.5-6.5)

T4 - 16.2 (9-25)

TSH - 0.22 (0.4-4.7)


anti-tpo ab - 329 (<50)

anti-thyroglobulin -184 (<100)

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You might want to look into a product called Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) and Di-Indoly Methane (DIM) . Both block estrogen, specifically Estradiol. I just started taking a product which has both supplements in it. There's a lot a research about these two out there. It appears that DIM doesn't have the side effects that Indole-3 Carbinol has.

I started reading about the Indole-3 Carbinol and the other ingredient in the supplement Di-Indoly Methane (DIM) .

Thoroughly read through this page. It says that balancing estrogen can result in weight loss!

Notice too, that these vegetables are the very ones which we're told to eat less of because they affect thyroid function. However, they lower estrogen which also negatively affects thyroid function.

I tried the other route, using a progesterone supplement. It didn't work as well to reduce estrogen level because it's only adding more progesterone. I tried both. It's a no go for me.


I'm not quite sure to block estrogen. I'm the type where my estrogen level is ok but i barely have any progesterone. So i only have period once every 2-3 month.

I don't know what's wrong with me :(


Maybe you need more progesterone? Or a combination of blocking estrogen and increasing progesterone?

I went about hormone levels from that route for years. I was low in progesterone too.

Are you in perimenopause? That can cause your progesterone level to drop, but that's because your estrogen level goes up.


No my entire life i didn't had normal period but my parent's never did anything. Now i'm 26, i still don't have normal period. i'm taking utrogestan 100mg. Doctor told me it's going to take some time to get it normal.

Have you tried NDT? I bought thyroid-s but havent start.


Okay. That explains a lot. I'd trust your doctor on that.

I used to take progesterone that was made into a cream. It worked better on me than the pill form. It compounded. And hardly any side effects.


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