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I'm devastated that after 3 years of asking my Gp's what's wrong with me even if I suspected that was a problem with my thyroid,I had to go to Romanua,find a good endocrinologist and told me that I have Hashimoto's disease.

My results are:T3-4.63(3.4-6.8),T4-17.84(10.6-22.7),TSH-3.53(0.27-4.2),


I've been following your posts for a long time and I would really appreciate your advices.

I want a child but now I'm told that I'll have to take a pill for the rest of my life,I put on weight 15 kg in 6 month eating almost nothing and for the Gp was not alarming.

I told them that I know my body better than anybody but everything was in vain,they looked at me like I'm a hypochondriac .

I'm bloated all the time,tired and I look like I'm pregnant.

I don't know what to eat and what to do to have my life back.

Please help me !!!!😆

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Welcome to the forum, Culm_alina.

UK thyroid protocols mean that hypothyroidism is rarely diagnosed until TSH is over the reference range. Antibodies aren't always tested and, even when they are, it is the hypothyroidism, not the underlying autoimmune disease, that is treated.



A gluten-free diet can help reduce Hashimoto's flare ups and antibodies.


UK NICE recommends the TSH of women planning conception and newly pregnant should be in the low-normal range 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the top 75% of range. Conception can be difficult when TSH is higher and the risk of miscarriage is increased.

When pregnancy is confirmed Levothyroxine should be raised by 25-50mcg to ensure good foetal development as the foetus is entirely dependant on maternal hormone for the first trimester.

It's a good idea to check your iron, vitamin D, 12 and folate are good too as deficiencies can affect foetal development.

You probably won't be able to open this link outside of the UK cks.nice.org.uk/hypothyroid...

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I'm so thankful for your quick reply.

I live in UK but I'm from Romania and because here Gp don't give a s...,when I went back to visit my family I decided to see an endocrinologist.

Her treatment was 25 g of Eutyrox and another blood test in 3 month time.

What do you think?


Culm_alina, I don't think 25mcg is likely to be very helpful and would prefer to see blood testing 6-8 weeks after starting Eutyrox and any dose adjustment. However, it is more than you will get on the NHS unless you can convince your GP that your TSH needs reducing as you are trying to conceive.

Take a copy of the NICE link if you do want treatment from your NHS GP, sadly not all are aware of the recommendation.

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Thank you so much.

My endocrinologist said that I'm only at the beginning so we should start at 25mg.

Is Eutyrox a kind of levothyroxine(I'm a bit confused)?

And are you one of us too or a doctor,if I may ask of course?😉


Culm_alina, I'm hypothyroid. I'm not medically trained. Eutyrox is a brand of Levothyroxine.

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Hello Culm_alina,

Sorry to hear you are not well.

It is important to get your TSH lower inorder to feel well.

Sometimes we have to shout loud to be heard and be persistent and I would go back to your English doctor and tell him you are now medicated on Levothyroxine. Explain some of your symptoms have eased but you still feel undermedicated and would like a dose increase.

It is important to let him know you are hoping to conceive in the near future and would like your TSH to be lower as adequate thyroid hormone is vital for conceiving and foetal development and growth.

Members have found a gluten free nutrient dense diet can be helpful in lowering antibodies.


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firstly you will need to go gluten free to stop the bloating

then you are likely to need to restore iron and all vitamin levels because they get trashed in hypothyroid

and you need to take thyroid meds for life now T3 to start with preferably and then NDT

I doubt you will be able to tolerate Levothyroxine T4 because it appears you cant convert t4 into the t3 your body cells need to function

Sadly in the UK far too many GPs have no clue about Thyroid and equally the NHS labs will not do the right tests

But do please please remember Hashimotos is an hereditary Disease which far too easily passes from Mother to child

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Levothyroxine is hormone replacement, that is it replaces a hormone you should have in your body anyway, so taking Levothyroxine shouldn't deter you from having children. You will need your TSH to be below 2 for you to have the best chance of conceiving and not miscarrying. You are aiming to take enough medication for your TSH to be around 1 (although many people feel better with TSH lower than that). The fact that hypothyroidism can be hereditary shouldn't stop you from thinking about having children either. Hypothyroidism often doesn't develop until people are over 40, and affects mostly women. It is also very treatable (although you may not think so from reading this forum - people who post here either have unhelpful doctors or are the more difficult cases who don't respond to standard treatment).

You will probably end up on a dose of 100-200mcg of Levothyroxine as your thyroid gradually shuts down due to the antibodies attacking it. However this may take a few years. I hope things improve for you soon.


Hi Eeng,your answer is positive,but where do I find that good endocrinologist that will help me get cured?i live in SW London,in Surrey.

The one that discovered my problem was in Romania(when I visited) and she told me that is no cure for this,that I will have to take a little pill for the rest of my life.

Do you think differently?


No, she is right, there in no cure, but many millions of people live normally with this condition once they are properly medicated. It's a lot better than being diagnosed as diabetic or epileptic, but in the same way you will need to take medication for the rest of your life, unless medical science finds a way of restoring your thyroid gland. Scientists are already using a 3d printer to create a functioning thyroid gland, so who knows, maybe you won't have to take the pill all your life.


Thank you very much for your answers and yes,who knows?


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