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Advice needed if possible please

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I am on thyroxine tablets as well as having to have B12 injections ever 3 months and am really struggling with my hair falling out.

It has been thinning for a while since starting these tablets around 10 years ago but recently, well 18 months ago, suffered with Acute Pancreatitis (AP) with Necrosis and have to follow a diet of 20grams of fat a day and no alcohol. That as well as being in the middle of menopause hasn't helped with my hair at all, double whammy, basically I started losing clumps of it and all though after being put on iron tablets by my doctor it has helped, my hair is not good at all.

I know I am very lucky to be alive as I nearly wasn't when I had my attack of AP and am being closely monitored but could really do with some help as to what vitamins to take that won't interfere with thyroid tablets and B12 injections that will help with my hair situation.

Someone did mention Kelp and Biotin to me but then another person said I shouldn't take Kelp at all with my tablets.

I would really appreciate any help or advice please....thank you for reading


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Tracy, Biotin and evening primrose oil are recommended but they aren't a quick fix, it can take up to a year. Low iron and zinc also cause hair loss. If you take zinc add magnesium too as they're synergistic.

Kelp is high in iodine and as Levothyroxine is mostly iodine adding kelp may overload you with iodine.

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Tracy2911 in reply to Clutter

Hi Clutter, thank you for replying.

Apparently my iron is okay now from what doctor stated a few months ago and told me not to take them anymore. I am due another blood test in a couple of weeks to have a full blood count and check my iron and B12.

Am I better off taking Biotin, Zinc and Magnesium separately rather than trying to get a multi vitamin?

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Clutter in reply to Tracy2911

Tracey, don't take notice of GP's normal. It just means results are within range which is not the same as optimal. Ask for the results with lab ref ranges.

I think multi-vits are a waste of time. There's not enough of anything in them to treat low levels or deficiencies. Buy Biotin, zinc and mag separately.

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Tracy2911 in reply to Clutter

Thank you Clutter, how much is recommended of each do you know please?

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Clutter in reply to Tracy2911

Tracey, 350mg magnesium (don't buy mag oxide, it's hard to absorb) and 15mg zinc. I don't know about Biotin, it'll tell you on the product information leaflet.

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Tracy2911 in reply to Clutter

Thank you, I will check these out tomorrow :-)

Hi Tracy, you have my full sympathy. My hair fell out fir a while when I went from being really hyper to being really hypo while I was being treated for Graves Disease. It drove me mad. Trouble was all the health workers I came across used to say I had lovely thick hair so I was so incensed that I reached the stage where I used to photograph it in th bottom of the bath and then collect it in little plastic money bags. I was intending taking my collection along to the surgery and showing it to the next person who said I had thick hair,

My endo said that when I got to the right level for me it would stop falling out and she was right it did.

I was taking sublingual B12, 1000mcg slow release vitamin C +zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin K, CoQ10, an A-Z multivitamin, 5 Brazil nuts, and I ate a lot of salmon, eggs fruit and veg and generally healthy food.

I also switched to a Kerastase Shampoo that is designed for healthy scalps - to be honest I tried to touch my hair as little as I could. I was moulting like a dog at one point - there was (my!) hair everywhere. If you haven't seen them, have a look in Boots the Chemist for a Tangle Teaser brush. There are different types, I have one with a handle and one of the ones shaped to fit into your palm. They are wonderful - I don't know how they work but the do and at least you don't end up pulling your precious hair out by the roots - especially after you have washed it.

Excuse the rant - bet you can tell my hair loss was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as I was concerned.

I would definitely check with your doctors before taking any vitamins or anything not prescribed for you though, they will be ok with the thyroxine and the B12 but you have been very ill and don't want to do anything at all that might mess things up for yourself. :-)

Thank you Fruitandnutcase, appreciate you replying.

I have to be careful with what I eat due to only being allowed fat content of 20 grams a day. I use to love eggs with soldiers ha ha in a morning but now stick to just egg whites, an egg yolk works out at 4grams of fat and that is just for one :-(. I also cannot each nuts or any red meat as these cause me to have stomach pains, my pancreas struggles to break them down.

You mentioned A-Z vitamins, did they have B12 in them as well as I was told not have anything that has B12 in as this may interfere with getting a correct reading when I have my bloods checked for B12 and also not to have Kelp.

How much should you take of Vit K, Magnesium etc?


Gosh it must be hard having to give up your boiled eggs and toasty soldiers. Will your pancreas ever recover enough to let you eat the things it is struggling with at the moment?

Yes, my multi vit and I think most multi vits probably have B12 in them.

I'm not sure even what type of B12 it is. I take sublingual methyl cobalamin too - it's water soluble so any excess just goes off down the loo. Same with the vit C.

Vitamin K is fat soluble so if you are on a low fat diet it might be one to avoid.

For magnesium and selenium I eat five Brazil nuts a day so that's out for you. I'm not sure whether magnesium / selenium are fat or water soluble though you would need to find out about that if you're thinking of taking them.

Unfortunately my pancreas will never recovery as lost 40% of it when I had my attack so what I have left works really hard but I am alive and here to tell the tale so to speak.

I think I will pop in to my chemist and have a word with the pharmacist, she has been helpful in the past and double I will be okay with them.

Thank you so much for your help. :-)

That's a good idea. You don't want to take any chances, you've been through more than enough. Like you say, you really are ucky to be alive. Hope you find a solution to the hair problem soon.

Thank you, so do I. :-)

I'm not sure how true this is but was told that Evening Primrose and Starflower Oil can make you start to have periods again. So am worried of starting those just in case as have am just under 2 years of having a period and would rather not have them again lol. Has anyone else heard this or experienced it?

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