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Advice if possible please


Hi all

Sorry for the long post!

I’ve posted a couple of times in the PA forum as have been having blood tests relating to low B12 as had a borderline serum result 192 (181-800) and range of symptoms pointing towards this - tingling and numbness in hands and feet, occasional tingling in head and back, severe fatigue, brain fog beyond belief, aching joints and random breathlessness being the main ones. Also increasing cholesterol- 4.2 to 5.9 over 3 years.

I had full range of tests done privately with Blue Horizon in early July which showed active B12 is well within range, MMA okay, no IFA or gastric parietal cell antibody. Only things that showed up were:

Homocysteine raised just above normal range - 14 (3.7. - 13.9)

Low reticulocyte count - 37 (50 -100)

Raised Lymphocyte count - 3.5 (1.0 - 3.0

Before heading back to GP I thought it would be useful to explore possible Thyroid issues as am aware that some symptoms overlap. I had the Thyroid Ultra Vit RT3 test done by medichecks on 14th August for which results are attached.

The comments provided with the results suggest everything is within range (high active B12 explained as I have been supplementing with sub linguals), and although my serum folate is in the lower of the normal range (and has dropped from a result of 10 in June), I have since started supplementing 400 mcg daily along with B12, so believe if was to test for this now it would be on the increase. I would really appreciate the thoughts of this forum if possible as realise that ‘normal’ reference ranges used for Thyroid testing might not always pick up an actual issue.

My symptoms still exist and, being self employed, it is limiting the amount of work I can take on as I’m constantly tired and my brain no longer works like it used to.

Any thoughts or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I hope to go back to GP with results from the 2 private blood tests to see what next steps need to be.

Many thanks

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Your pins and needles are more likely due to B12 issues. I had the same problem plus other symptoms and moved from sublingual to injections. That has really helped. As your last b12 test showed you were very close to the bottom of the range your GP should have prescribed jabs as you have neurological symptoms.

Secondly your vit D is on the low side -I would supplement with D3 to get it over 100. Low vit D can make you feel very tired and achey.

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Many thanks waveylines. Was going to ask about injections again as GP would only give me a one off.

My vit D was 44 back in early June so started supplementing back then. It's slowly getting there - my goal is 100 👍


You might benefit from supplementing a good quality daily vitamin B complex with folate in rather than folic acid. This would help keep all B vitamins up at good levels

Vitamin D also low as waveylines says.

Your FT4 is very low. FT3 low. But TSH is low which is all a GP would look at.

Central hypothyroidism is possibility. Have you ever had head trauma, whiplash or concussion

Improving vitamins and looking perhaps at why vitamins are low

Do you have any gut symptoms? Low stomach acid can cause low vitamins

Coeliac or gluten intolerance possible problem.

Is the thyroid low because of poor gut function and low vitamins, or gut function low because of thyroid

High cholesterol is linked to hypothyroidism

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Hi SlowDragon. Thanks for your response. Thought I'd replied earlier but notice my message isn't here - I blame the brain fog!

Tested negative for celiac although was advised on PA forum that GP should have advised me to eat gluten for 6 weeks prior to testing. As I wasn't aware of this and on reduced gluten diet before it the results may have been affected. Despite this I decided to go gluten free completely 10 days ago and my digestion has really benefited so will continue.

Had treatment for h pylori 2 years ago and recently retested to ensure it hadn't come back. It tested negative which thought it would - just wanted to be double sure.

My digestion has always been my weak spot and moreso since treatment for h pylori.

Thanks for link - makes very interesting read.

B complex and folate sublingual now on order 👍

You need p-5-p, Magnesium, Zinc and B2 to reduce homocysteine. Slow Dragon is right to suggest a good quality b-complex. I would go one further and suggest you also take additional p-5-p, magnesium and zinc.

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Many thanks for this info HLAB35. Will read and sort p-5-p. Magnesium and zinc 👍

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I take these on recommendation to lower inflammation and help adrenals as well. Very good combination.

Many thanks for all these responses! Both this forum and PA forum have been a blessing through a challenging time x

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