Confused about vitamin K

Hi everyone. Ive been looking for a vitamin K supplement. I have previously purchased and taken two different ones, which stated they were K2 derived from natto (seaweed)but I reacted very badly to this. So I'm guessing I may benefit from a synthetic type instead. I would just like to know what is the synthetic Vitamin K, is it MK4? Ive been looking into the different vitamin K types but I dont really understand it all. The only thing I am aware of is that I cannot tolerate Vitamin K2 derived from natto (which a lot of the products seem to be). Can anyone help me at all with this please?

Many Thanks

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Sorry natto is fermented soy not seaweed, my apologies

Thorne for example has MK4.

You could try eating more greens as they are high in Vitamin K (although not specific K2). See the list on the link below kale and spinach look good :-)

Thank you for the information πŸ‘, I really appreciate it, thanks 😊

You can get both MK4 and MK7. Try posting in the osteoporosis group.

Thank you 😊

The best way to get vit. k is from food. The richest source as far as I am aware is gouda cheese, think it's also important to have enough vit. d

Thank you 😊

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