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Some assistance with interpretation please?

Since mid March I have been taking 125 Levo and 10 t3 after talking endo into a trial. Feeling much much better. Lost nearly a stone in weight so far (Slimming World - working hard at it) and felt energetic enough to start yoga and Tai Chi.

Take ferrous sulphate instead of the other iron supplement I was taking - lots of other supplements too (see previous post)

My blood results (first since added t3) are:

fT4 15.3 range 10-19.8

FT3 5 range 3.5-6.5

Ferritin 96.2 (Hurrah hoping hair will grow better now) range 10-291

Serum c reactive protein 8 range 0-6 Above Range!

Tsh 0.08 range 0.35-5.5 Below range!

Been summonsed to see the GP. Presume he will be freaking out about my TSH rather than my serum C!!!

As I said. I feel good. Anything to worry about here lovely folks??

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janey, I'd say you are optimally medicated with those results. TSH is low, but not suppressed, with FT4 mid range and FT3 just under top third of range. Elevated CRP is an inflammation marker but non-specific. Perhaps your GP wants to run further tests.


Thanks Clutter. Thought they looked good to match the feeling!


Jayney, the *feeling* is so much more relevant than the bloods. If your GP tries to alter your dose (I see no reason why he should) dig your heels in and make it plain as a pikestaff that you are unwilling to do so as you are feeling well and aren't overmedicated as although TSH is low, FT4 and FT3 are comfortably within range.

See Dr. Toft's comments about low and suppressed TSH and FT4 in Treatment Options in the link below. Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk if you would like a full copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.



Clutter - thanks for the ammunition!!! I have no intent on shifting whatsoever! It's taken over a year to get here and this lady is not for moving. Will email Louise and be fully prepared for Thursday. Thanks again!


It's annoying that many think that as soon as you start losing weight you must be over medicated. My last endo make a point, not in a good way, that my weight had dropped from 78 to 75 kg and sounded relieved when I said the first was probably artificially high and I'd propped my bag up against the scales! The following week I dug out my antenatal notes from 30 years ago and partway through my pregnancy I was 58 kg. so be prepared if he thinks you've lost some weight to say what was normal for you.


Silverfox7. The weight loss is a drop in the ocean as I have about another 4 stone to go LOL! Couldn't shift anything before the addition of the t3 and couldn't even think of exercise - was bad enough dragging myself to work and back everyday. But now I feel good.

Was wondering if I needed/could accommodate more t3 but things appear to be good enough! Thanks for the response.


Well, you could if you wanted to. That FT3 is only just exactly mid-range. That's half-way through the range. Most people need it higher than that, and you have a long way to go before you reach the top of the range.

But that would suppress your TSH, and your doctor would definately freak out. So, if you're feeling good on that dose, why change it? If it ain't broke Don't fix it!

However, if, in the future, you start feeling you need an increase, you do have room to maneuver.

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Thank you for your words of wisdom Greygoose!


You're welcome, Jayneywales. :)


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