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Recommended Vitamins???

Hi guys,

I'm about to try & get myself together with the aid of some vitamins! Anything anyone can recommend? (Cant get my gp to agree to doing a blood test to see what any of my deficiencies, if any are) & try to increase my energy levels. As well as having Hypothyroidism I have a neurological disease similar to Narcolepsy, called Idiopathic Hypersomnia, which affects my energy levels & fatigue terribly. Rather than trying to rely on Amphetamines & the like that they prescribe, I'd love to try to get my energy levels a bit more up there with the help of some vitamins if poss!

What I was considering getting was


Magnesium & Calcium

B complex

L Carnitine

L Theanine


Have I left anything out???



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This is a recommended list which might be helpful.


Fantastic!!! Thank you xxx


I take Selenium, B 12, B complex, D3 Magnesium and folate religiously. ~I also take Iron, 5HTP and omega fish oil occasionally.

Coconut oil also seems to be doing me the world of good (especially toilet wise ha ha)

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Ahhhh....thats five on ur list Id forgotten about that I used to take! lol Thank u xxx


Oops forgot Vitamin C, although I try to eat a lot of fruit I believe it helps with the absorption of other vitamins..


If I were you, I would forget the calcium and Echinecea. Echinecea isn't recommended for hypos (can't remember why but you could try googling Echinecea+hypo).

You should never take calcium unless you've tested deficient. And even then it isn't recommended. Better to take vit D3 (if you test deficient) + magnesium + zinc + plus boron + vit K2. Otherwise, just take magnesium and K2. Most people are low in that.

Make sure your B complex has methylcobabamin and not cyno, and methylfolate not folic acid.

For energy, take Co Q10.


Hello. I started taking vitamins for the first time in my life almost two years ago. I am 52 and 3 years post TT for Graves. My quality of life has been transformed (although not so good for cash flow!). I take a high dose of C, a multi vit with high B vitamins, fish oil, D and most important of all for energy, Co-enzyme Q 10. Good luck.


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