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What vitamins are ok to take while on levothyroxine (50mcg)

I got some Floradix but have now read that this is not ok to take with levothyroxine unless taken min of 4hours apart - I am guessing taking that in the evening would be ok as I take my tablet first thing? What vitamins are ok to take with levothyroxine though? Is Folic Acid ok? I take that every morning as I am trying to get pregnant.

I am concerned that I do not feel as good as I did the first three weeks of taking levothyroxine (I am now on week 5) and would like to make sure that my body is getting enough vitamins and minerals as I know that my system can be easily depleted of them whilst on medication. I am getting energy 'dips' in the afternoon again (they had gone the first three weeks) and I am generally feeling tired out. I have booked in for a blood test to check my levels in a couple of weeks - I will have been taking levothyroxine for 7 weeks by then.

I have also only just noticed on my results sheet that the tested for the Peroxidase antibody level and that came back at 1000 u/ this a high reading and can that affect fertility?

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Folic acid has a particular problem.

A considerable proportion of people with hypothyroidism are also low in B12 (probably at least 25%). If someone who is low in B12 takes Folic Acid, then one of the signs of low B12 - enlarged blood cells - can be reversed. So looking at a Full Blood Count will not suggest a B12 issue. Hence it is ignored and the person ends up getting worse and worse. Low B12 causes irreversible nerve damage so that is a bad thing to happen.

In my view, those taking folic acid (which is understandable because of pregnancy advice) should carefully consider if they might be B12 deficient - and should get tested. Hypothyroidism should be a definite reason to get tested.

Vitamins are, by definition, vital. There are none that you should avoid on the grounds of being hypothyroid. However, do take them far apart in time from levothyroxine because so many things (food, drinks other than water, supplements and medicines) might interfere with absorption of the levothyroxine.

7 weeks is longer than I would choose - the MHRA suggest shorter intervals - and traditionally six weeks was used. The important thing is to get that test and the increment in dose that is very likely to be required.



Thanks Rod, can a B12 test be requested whilst having a standard thyroid levels test?

I am going in far, far earlier for blood test than was advised by GP. She told me to come back in 3 months....I am so glad for this support forum as I would not have know otherwise!!

I wonder if the shooting pains I get up through my feet most days are to do with Folic Acid taking and lack of B12?

What a minefield this all is! I just wish that one of my GP's or someone at my surgery was a bit more expert in this area :-\


A B12 test can easily be done at the same time - the problem is persuading the requester (GP?) that it is needed. (And because it will almost certainly be a traditional B12 test - rather than a new Active B12 test - then persuading someone of the meaning of the results. But you can cross that bridge when you get there.)

Do not take any B12 until after the blood draw.

I don't think that taking Folic acid without B12 would cause shooting pains - but low B12 itself or thyroid could be causative factors. There again, who is ever certain of any of these things?



Jobean I am taking all in one vitamins I did ask my nurse she said it was ok to take them as I take my levo first thing in a morning and ay lunchtime I take my vitamin and to be honest I'm feeling good


You are right to see your GP far earlier than she suggested. 50mcg is a starting dose and should be increased in about 5/6 weeks by at least 25mcg and work up steadily till you feel a lot better with symptoms going. Most GP's don't know how best to treat thyroid gland problems.


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