Hi, does anyone have a good understanding of gelatinised Maca v raw maca???? I've been taking it for hot flushes and extra energy with really good results. My concern is its from turnips and the cruciferous content. Apparently gelatinised Maca is heated so the cruciferous problem is alleviated but it also has an iodine content which I'm not sure about. Mary Shomon (thryoid advocates) takes it and recommends but would love some advice from anyone who has real experience with it. Im loathe to stop taking it when it's making me feel so much better! My Tsh is suppressed at 0.01 on 112mcg of thyroxine and my t4 and t3 are good. I did have the bloods some months ago however before taking the Maca so will get retested in a few weeks time.

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If it is making you feel so much better then I don't see why you would stop taking it. I don't take it myself but if it's helping then surely that is a good thing.

I'm pleased you found something that helps you :)

Totally agree with Carolin. If it were going to be bad for you, you would have noticed by now.

"Maca is widely used to promote sexual function of both men and women. It serves as a boost to your libido and increases endurance. At the same time it balances your hormones and increases fertility."

Any other takers out there? Does it work like this too?

Good heavens, I didn't know it was a radish.

I took it for a couple of months, but didn't feel any difference in anyway - neither good nor bad.

Now that I've bothered to read a bit more: Maca is related to the potato. I don't understand then how it's a crucifer. It looks like a radish but it's not related to real radishes or turnips.

First time I saw it for sale was years and years ago at an outdoors organic farmers' market by one of those floaty 'earthchild' type girl/women wearing only handwoven textiles. You know the type, I'm sure. I asked her what it was. "A South American Root"........she ascribed all sorts of qualities to it but didn't really know what it was, i suppose. Or maybe telling me it's a potato relative that looks like a radish wouldn't have been evocative of the appropriate exoticism.

Yes, I know exactly the type. Did you ask if she consumed it herself? My first thought would have been that it was hallucinogenic!

Potato! Oh, gawd I'll have to check if it's a nightshade!!!! Everything I've read says its from turnip family. I've avoided it for years because I thinki t can actually be quite strong but when the dreaded menopause hit I was willing to try anything! My flushes have lessened although not gone altogether but others say it really works for them so I will persevere for a bit. My energy, however, is definitely better. I even went for a run the other day ( I used to run regularly before hashi) and I'm quite happy to prepare dinner when usually the thought of doing anything else by that time is a pain in the A****. Mary shomon recommends it in her book on thyroid and menopause and takes it herself but the geletanised kind because it is heated therefore destroying the crucifer aspect but apparently they only heat it for 4 seconds and not very hot so I can't see how that works. Plus her book was printed quite some time ago and we all no how things move swiftly on in the world of thyroid.

If it works for you, then you should keep using it.

The nomenclature for it is confusing because according to wiki it's a crucifer but according to a botanical website it is related to the potato.

I have been taking it but have taken a break as I've started to get acne - aged 58!! Perhaps that proves that it boosts hormones. I also developed pain in my breasts but there could be no link. Increases fertility? not at my age.

Yes, Mary Shomon talks about breast pain while taking it so she took a form that has DIM in it - whatever that is. Haven't seen much increase in libido, that's for sure.

I have read that it shouldn't be taken raw.

I bought some powdered Maca last year, as I have low adrenal function, and so far ive resisted the hydrocortisone meds and also I'd read that an adaptogen like Maca could improve things. However, as I have no thyroid and depend on levothyroxine, coupled with the GPs and endos not being interested/not knowing/or even heard of such a thing, I became uncertain and decided to stop using for fear of doing more harm than good. I was only using a small amount each day. Has anyone else tried and tested it who has same problems as me I wonder? Ive now been told to increase my levothyroxine to 100 mcg per day which I'm doing very slowly as per article

I take raw and I feel better for it. A little more energy I find.

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