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Hypothyroidism and Menopause

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Hi - I have just turned 50 and have had an under active thyroid since I was 10 years old.  I am now suffering with the Menopause and trying to get myself feeling healthy and reduce symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, lack of energy and general lethargy.  I have seen some supplements that I want to consider and have already started to change my diet to Soya rich, but nowhere can I find information on how taking supplements will impact on my Thyroid. 

Does anyone know of a good resource to check against or is there any recommendations that you have used, as there does seem to be limited info on Thyroid and Menopause together.  I am keen to stay on a herbal route and have seen Maca Root as one solution.  Any ideas?

9 Replies
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Please ditch the soy products, they are no good for people with hypothyroidism as it is goitrogenic. The only soy products that should be taken by us hypos is fermented soy.

A couple of articles:



I was very lucky to have a relatively easy Menopause so can't recommend anything but I would suggest you research bio-identical hormones. Have a look around Dr John Lees's website.


Somewhere he has an article on bioidentical hormones. You can possibly get a direct link from googling 'bioidentical hormones and menopause' , it might show, third one down, on this Google page google.co.uk/search?q=menop...

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I am sorry you are having menapause symptoms but they are so similar to hypo it might be difficult to distinguish between them.

I have read quite often that Soya is not a good idea when hypo.



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I took Sage 2000mg daily and it worked very well for hot flushes. It wasn't expensive. Clemmie

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Thank you all for your replies and I have to say that I had not considered Soya as being a possible problem so glad that I mentioned it.  I know a lot of diets say no Soy so will give all your replies some thought and fingers x I will find the best solution from all the good advise.

Thanks again :-)

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soy will only make you more estrogen dominant so more hot flashes and it is terrible for thyroid and if it is not non gmo soy...even worse.......Most women go in to a time of estrogen dominance which means you have too littl progesterone and too little estrogen and they are out of balance.......my dr gave me bhrt estrogen cream and progestone cream and things changed quickly......for the better.....amazing....creams bypass the liver....and if you buy anything online...if it doesnt say usp in ingredients, then it is no good. I tried maca root too for a while....but they say it must be 4 to 1 extract to be effective and doesnt always work.....some people have tried  black cohosh and evening primrose oil capsules..

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Soy isoflavones are often recommended for menopause symptoms, but they are not good for people with hypothyroidism as they  will reduce your absorption of thyroid medication. I use Red Clover, which is also an isoflavone (but not soy), I have found that it really helps with the hot flushes and night sweats.

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You can try

Evening primrose

Agnus astus

Raspberry ketone

These all help with menopause....

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When I was going through menopause, I had the most awful hot flashes/night sweats...every 15 minutes of so. I had them for many, many years. Finally, a doctor recommended that I take a SSRI antidepressant (she chose Zoloft), which knocked my flashes/sweats out within a month of starting it. I know that's not a natural way to do it, but just thought I'd throw that out there so you'd have the information.

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I learned that insufficient iodine in the diet is the main cause of hypothyroidism.

I'm currently not on any meds for it though diagnosed years ago.

Bringing the ph level in the body to a neutral level helps & I researched salt only to find that natural sea salt can help with the iodine the body needs.

Before being diagnosed, I recall my symptoms were- fatigue, weight gain regardless of what little I ate, excessive thirst, dry skin, toenails with humps in them,

I'm 51 & in the menopause cycle. I hate the symptoms! The hot flashes are the worst of all! I feel like I maight spontaneously combust from the inside out with fire! The mood swings are not fun either. I feel like I'm going through puberty again! Arrrrggggg! My cycle is hit & miss. Nothing for 5 months then 3 weeks of bleeding, gone 2 months & 7 days of cycle. Now every couple of months it shows up & sometimes the flow is heavy & others not much at all. I don't take anything for the symptoms.

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