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Blood test results

Hi there,

I`ve just had a second blood test done today, the first one was about 6 weeks ago and I was told my levels were a bit low and that this suggests I am underactive, but the GP wanted me to wait a month and have a further test before starting me on treatment.

I asked the nurse what my results were from the first blood test and she said: THS was 14.3 and Serum free T4 level was 10.4.

I am still bewildered by it all and my concern is, if as the GP says my levels are a BIT LOW, why do I feel so ill? Is this normal and if it is I feel so sorry for those who`s levels are high!

Some of my symptoms are: breathlessness, chest pains, feeling anxious, feeling tired most of the time, joint pains and rapid weight gain.

Thanks for listening.

Warmest regards,


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Your GP means that your body is lacking in thyroid hormones and when your body hasn't got enough of something then it will cause symptoms and when you realise that thyroid hormones are responsible for almost every aspect of our body running smoothly then you can now start to understand why you are feeling so ill.

I would call a TSH of 14.3 more than a bit low - I would call it awful and its criminal that your GP has left you with levels like this for another four weeks.

Please go back and ask to speak to another doctor regarding these levels as the longer it is left the worse it will get and the longer it will take for your body to recover.

The "average" TSH test has a range of 0.35 - 5.00 so you can see that your reading of 14.3 is almost 3 times over the upper range and guidelines say that anything over 10 should be treated, although most GP's will treat when it is over 5.

Start asking for copies of all your blood result (it is your right by law to have these) so you can check that your GP is doing the right thing and your levels are coming down plus you can post them on here (with ranges) and ask people to comment.

Also you might want to re-post this in the questions section as most will miss it in the blogs section.

Hope this has helped.

Moggie x

p.s. Have added a few links from the main thyroiduk website for you to read as the more knowledge you have of this illness the more you will be able to control it. Have a good look around the site as it has a lot of very useful information.


Hi Moggie,

Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.




Janet.. Moggie is right..

Your TSH should be LOW and it is HIGH

TSH is the Thyroid stimulating Hormone... it is shouting at your body to make more Thyroxine because you're low for some reason.. the Higher the TSH, the mored loudly it is screaming for the factory to start making T4...

The Free T4 test is not a brilliant way to diagnose any issue.. because T4 is used by the body to build the good stuff.. T1, T2 and T3...

T4 on its own is no good at all if your builders are on strike or dead

So.. If you've got good healthy builders.. you can take supplementary T4 and build your own good stuff which will make you feel better

But if you don't have good healthy builders it won't help and you'll need T3 supplements or Natural Desiccated Thyroxine (NDT) marketed under the brand name Armour.

Worry not.. around 6/7 patients have decent builders.. but keep it in mind if your GP suddenly starts telling you that you're fine, your bloods are fine... if you still feel crap. it may be your builders.

So.. your GP is wrong.. your TSH is screaming so you definitely need some T4.. I would ring and beg for 25mg.... you can't wait for another month..

You could get the book YOUR THYROID AND HOW TO KEEP IT HEALTHY which you could either read to learn all about this condition or you could throw it your GP..

You need to prepare yourself that this is going to be a long road, how are you feeling? what are your symptoms? are you taking any vitamins? there are things you can do that will help, but you still need that T4 luv..


Thank you Redditch for your support. It is much appreciated.

I should get results from latest blood test in the next few days, then hopefully, will be started on treatment.

Usually I`m a strong person and carry on regardless of illnesses but I`m really struggling. Symptoms are: breathlessness, extreme tiredness, tingling in hands and feet, chest pains, joint pains, anxiety, rapid weight gain, gritty eyes, tearfulness, memory loss etc.,

I appreciate what you say about it being a long road to recovery and won`t expect any sudden fixes.

Thanks again,

Warmest regards,




Your GP is giving you shocking service and is not following guidelines.

I was REALLY ill at just over a TSH of 10 and it took me months to begin to recover from the effects of not having enough T4/T3 hormones in my body. I was on the verge of becoming disabled with a TSH of just over 10 as my body was shutting down. I could barely walk.

You must get proper treatment.

I'm wishing you well and hope you get the treatment you need and deserve.



Thank you for your support. I`m sorry you have been so ill. Hope you feel much better now.I too am struggling to walk, usually if I`ve been sat for a while.

Hopefully, when latest results are through in a few days I will be given treatment.

Thanks again,

Take care,




Hi Janet

I'm really well now - in fact I feel as well as I ever can remember! Absolutely glowing - so wellness is possible with optimal treatment and the right dose of medication which suits the individual. I suspect that I had a poor metabolism and underactive thyroid for many years.

I hope you get well soon - it is possible but it won't happen if your GP doesn't support you.

Best wishes

Liza x


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