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Please help!!

Hello wonderful people - please could I get some thoughts on my TSH levels please, so I am armed & ready to fire when I see the GP next week!

3yrs ago I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid - I had multi nodules in my neck & was told by the endo that I either had the op to remove my thyroid or RAI. I was feeling very unwell, as I was also recovering from I went for the RAI.

My paternal grandmother & paternal cousin have both had thyroid problems too.

Since then, yearly results have shown that I am within the "normal" range - I now realise from this site, that there is no thing such thing as normal!

In December I had a hysterectomy, as I had endometriosis & it was also discovered that I had a fibroid & benign cyst. About when I should have been feeling recovered from this major op, I was feeling even worse - complete brain fog, exhaustion, flu like symptoms & boarderline depression - really from feeling so rubbish still. My Gyna put me on Hrt - Oestrogen only , as endometriosis feeds off progesterone. Anyhow, Gp, at my request, on 23/3 checked TSH & it was 5.9 (0-5) she said I was only just over the normal & put me on 25mg thyroxine. After 2 weeks I self medicated & upt it to 50mg, after advice from this site. My neck has felt sore&lumpy like I have mumps - Gp sent me for a scan, which I had 2wks ago & still no results..

I've had follow up blood test & TSH results are now apparently "normal" - 4.4(0-5) but I feel far from normal, eyes are swollen & vision is odd, not as tired as I was, but I am definately not right. Everything seems to be a battle with the Gp, I have learnt more from this site than from the GP, when I mentioned possible adrenal gland fatigue, due to all the illness I've had over the last 10yrs, she laughed at me.

Apologies for the ramble - feeling tearful atm! I am due to return to work after the easter holidays, I work as a Teaching Assistant in secondary school/academy & I really don't know how I'm going to manage it.

Thanks to you all in anticipation

Jaded Lady!!

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Somebody helpful will be along soon. I do not have enough experience of going from Hyper to Hypo - but it sounds as if your Doc is out of her depth. So many of your problems are connected to your thyroid - and it's such a shame they do not join up the dots. You are having a rough time - so stick with the clever folk on this forum and they will soon have you up and running....

Do hope you are soon feeling better.... :-)


Thanks for the speedy reply Marz - I have on many occasions mentioned the fact that I thought my symptoms could be linked to autoimmune issues, I've had "the" blood test twice, but that comes back as normal.

I have a wheat&gluten intolerance too, although not celiac apparently. I've also had 2 lumps in my breast & they are apparently just "glandular" changes, due to my age, I'm 49 in May - but am feeling 80!! My 67 yr old mum is healthier than me!!

I have been amazed at the knowledge & wisdom of people on this site!!


BBD - benign breast disease is quite common in people with thyroid conditions. I will soon be 69 - not diagnosed with Hahsimotos until almost 10 years ago - so I have lots of catching up to do ! Yes I suffered with BBD and had surgery. Not a single problem since treatment ! Surely the Doc must realise that if it is glandular - then it is something to do with the endocrine system.....silly....

Clutter will soon be along and will have lots of wisdom for you....


Jane, there are some very good websites and videos by experts that have allowed many of us to learn so much more than any endo could teach us. Someone has to teach them!

You can search for more answers from this page.

This is from a functional neurologist with one reason for low thyroid. There are many more.

This is from a correcting chiropractor who teaches anatomy and nutrition.


Thanks Heloise for the information, I always feel like the Gp has me on the back foot as it were, so I have asked my partner to come with me next time - strength in numbers?! I was so ill last time I saw her, that I didn't even recognise her - this should have sent alarm bells ringing surely?!


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