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Hi, just hoped for some advice really, I have recently started taking supplements to try and help lower my antibodies and generally help myself feel better. But the list is growing as to what I think I should be taking.. I started with good probiotics to boost my immune system alongside selenium and b12 complex. I have now added evening primrose oil and today have started taking sea kelp tablets. Am I taking the right supplements? Btw I'm hypothyroid :). Also my period are still awful even though my tsh is in range is this normal?

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It sounds as if you are not yet on sufficient thyroid hormones if you are having menstruation problems. It is good to supplement but take them quite a few hours apart from levothyroxine or whatever thyroid hormones you are taking. I take my supplements at lunchtime.

If you've had a recent blood test get a copy of the results with the ranges and post on a new question for comments. Doctors can say we have sufficient hormones by looking only at the TSH result, whereas we might be low in our Free T4's and Free T3's. It is strange that many labs refuse to do these if TSH is 'in range'. Most of us feel better when our TSH is low or suppressed.


Thanks shaws, my last blood test was unexpected and taken at 4pm I had taken my levo that morning so I don't know if that would affect the result. I take all my supplements with dinner in the evening.


I think that would have a huge effect. Firstly, TSH is much lower the later the day. Best to get it tested early in the morning - not later than 9.0 am. Secondly, if you had taken your Levo that day, that would also lower your TSH. I would imagine it came out pretty low!

Before taking anything containing iodine, you should be tested to see if you are iodine deficient. Too much can have bad effects.

And, I would say that would be true with other things, too. Have you had your B12, vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested? If not, taking the complex before testing will skew the results. Also, there's not enough of anything in a complex to treat a real deficiency. If you are B12 deficient - and that's anything Under 600 - you will need to take about 5000 sublingual methylcobalamin - it's often cynocobalamin in complexes, which isn't absorbed so well - PLUS a B complex to keep the Bs balanced. Vit D and iron are also very important to the way you convert your T4 to T3, so best to get them all tested. :)


It is often mentioned that iodine is not good for people with Hashimotos....kelp will contain iodine in addition to the iodine already present in your thyroid treatment....

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Thanks marz, I bought the kelp after viewing a recommended link today suggesting 3-6 tablets today. I didn't know levo already contained iodine.


Have you read the websites of Izabella Wentz and Dr Alexander Haskell - they have also written good books...... :-)


I have just posted on reducing antibodies


Thanks bluedaffodil I don't know if I'd manage gluten free to be honest. But I'm taking the b12 complex and the selenium but the selenium I'm taking was cheap to buy would that make it any less efficient than more expensive brands?


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