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I recently started taking zinc supplements to help with skin problems and conversion from T4 to T3. I'd got some from Holland Barrett as a starter but I'm not sure about them as they contain copper. Its a high strength zinc chelate with copper. I was told that copper enhances absorpion of the zinc. However I'm reading a bit about the balance between zinc and copper and I'm not sure of it. Does anyone take zinc and in what form is it best?

I should say I am on T4 and T3 treatment - T3 for 4 weeks now.



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  • I read that it's not necessary to take copper. I take solgar zinc picolinate but it is quite a high dose so I cut it In half

  • What dose do you take NatChap?

  • The tablets are 22mg but I cut them in half.

  • Thanks NatChap - may give these a try

  • The reason zinc and copper are often in the same supplement is because there is an inverse relationship between zinc and copper in the body. Taking zinc supplements will reduce your copper levels, and taking copper supplements will reduce your zinc levels.

    I have absolutely no idea whether combining the two is justified or necessary, because I have no idea how many people are deficient or over-stuffed with zinc and copper.

  • Yep, no idea either and no chance of it getting tested. Thanks for reply anyway

  • I think - but it's only my impression - that more people are zinc deficient than copper deficient.

    I started zinc suppléments about a year ago, and it made me feel great. Doctor wouldn't test, so I was groping in the dark. I read that zinc has to be balanced with copper - I think the ratio is 10:1 - so thought maybe I should try taking some copper, too. Well, it made me feel really bad! Can't remember the détails now - too long ago! But I remember I stopped taking it pretty quickly, although I had respected the ratio. I guess I just didn't need it. It's all trial and error, anyway.  

  • There's a lot of groping in the dark with this condition :-) I regularly try new things on myself. Zinc has had an amazing effect on my skin already, I just wasn't so sure about the copper. I may try some zinc only supplements and see how that feels. Thank you

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Hi Greygoose can you recommended a good brand of Zinc supplements please?


  • The one I take is from Boutique Nature, bought on Amazon.fr. Don't know if you can get that on Amazon.co.UK.

  • Thanks I'll have a little look

  • What is the correct dosage a day for Zinc.. I'm struggling to find it on here but my book recommends 30mcg a day.. is that right?

  • There really isn't a single correct dose. I suggest you have a look here:


  • Thanks, that's useful to know. I am probably now taking a wee bit higher than I should be (50mg of zinc picolinate) - but I don't take it every day, maybe three to four times a week. Not only is my skin great, my eyes don't hurt any more and I haven't caught a cold for ages. I panic every now and then and take a zinc pill combined with copper, just in case :-)

  • No - that is far too little if you actually meant what you typed - micrograms. Or towards the maximum tolerable intake if it was a typo and you really meant milligrams.

  • Sorry that was a typo.. I meant 30mg per day.. I've looked at the table and it looks like 8mg is enough for an adult women.. I was looking at taking 1 table of 10mg a day

  • Please just don't think I am claiming to actually know anything! :-)

    It is alweays difficult because, even excluding all the other individual variations, we really never know how much is in our everyday diets.

  • No I complete agree... i find it a mind field at times... I don't eat meat so try and add supplements where I can but struggle knowing the correct dose to take.

  • Just had a little look at it's France only :( boo... can I ask what dose you take? I'm going to take 10mg but I'm wondering if I should take more from looking at links on here.

  • You can get a fair idea what your mineral status is (long term) by having a hair mineral analysis. I had that and the 24 hour urine analysis and they correlated fairly well. It showed my copper high, and zinc low so I hoped to straighten it out with zinc supplements. 

    I haven't tested since, but as it happens am now taking zinc again in the form of zinc carnosine in an attempt to treat my long term gastritis. The jury is still out on that one, although I will admit no flares since I started taking it.

  • Hair mineral analysis is at bottom of list of tests to get done. Thanks Ruthi

  • Ruthi, which company did the urine analysis? Have you got a link to the test?

  • It was done through Dr O. I would have to go look for it, which isn't easy right now. Biolab I think....

  • That's a shame. I think Biolab only do business with doctors. :(

  • I believe so, but it won't hurt to ask them. They have a nice website. I think the price was around £200

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