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Test results not very illumunating

I got my blood test rsluts back from the Drs today, but the test has only given the TSH which is not at all helpful ( last time I asked for results they gave me the cortisol, T4 and serum free levels at least...). Pfft.

But amongst all the tests it also said that my Serum Alkaline Phosphate level was below the reference limit and below range . Had a quick look online , and a decreased serum alkaline phosphatase may be due to:

Zinc deficiency.

Hypothyroidism ......................

Vitamin C deficiency/Scurvy.

Folic acid deficiency.

Excess Vitamin D intake.

Low phosphorus levels (hypophosphatasia)

Celiac disease.

Malnutrition with low protein assimilation (including low stomach acid production/hypochlorhydria).

Insufficient Parathyroid gland function.

Pernicious anemia

Vitamin B6 insufficiency

So does this mean I'm hypothyroid ( I am on Levo, 125/150 split) and should be asking for more T4??

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Cal, you are on 125/159mcg Levothyroxine because you are hypothyroid. If you are undermedicated it might affect the AP result. Low stomach acid is common in hypothyroid patients and wind, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and indigestion/heartburn are common symptoms which may indicate malabsorption. Your GP can do blood tests to rule out deficiencies in all the other causes listed but it might save money if FT4 and FT3 are tested first to rule out undermedication even though your GP may think your TSH level indicates optimal medication.


At my next blood test I will specifically ask for the FT3 and 4, and also someone mentioned antibodies? I will see how we go from there I suppose....and so it continues! This is a never ending saga that I have been attempting to put right since finding this lovely forum and reading all the books in 2013. Ups and downs, my next option is a private GP but I will see what I can do through my usual doctor first. I am thinking maybe asking for T3 next, but as you say, until I have the full Thyroid blood results I can't possibly know what the next move will be!


What was your TSH result?




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