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Calcium Test Results – Opinions Appreciated!

Hi All,

Further to previous recommendations (see link to thread below), I've now received the results of my Bone Profile/Calcium tests. I was told by the receptionist over the phone that they were "normal" (no need to see my GP) but just want to see if there's anything I should be chasing up. No parathyroid test as yet (the doctor I saw said we'd wait for my Calcium results to come back, so presumably as the levels aren't high that won't be necessary now.) My main concern with previous results was Vitamin D at 28, within a reference range of 50-150 (<25 is a significant insufficiency), but the rest of my previous results are in the thread. Thanks as ever for your help.

Serum Calcium

2.23 mmol/L (Reference range 2.15-2.60)

Corrected Serum Calcium Level

2.21mmol/L (RR 2.17-2.55)

Serum Albumin

40g/L (RR 35-50)

Serum Alkaline Phosphatase

115 IU/L (RR 36-126)

Serum Total Protein

78 g/L (RR 64-83)

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Those look absolutely fine, you only need a pth test if your calcium is high.

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Thanks – I figured that might be the case. (Only mentioned parathyroid as it was something recommended in the previous thread – have changed my post above so it's clearer. Sorry!) x


My VitD level was 12 and my calcium was high which is not right so I did have a pth test which also came back high end of normal, indications are parathyroid disease but it's incredibly hard to get a diagnosis.

Be careful if you are taking Vit D supps as it can rise quite quickly and you don't want your levels to be too high.

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Hi it is only the corrected calcium that matters. if D low ,you should be on it, it is only if the calcium goes over range that you cannot.Ideally under an Endo or GP as hormonal.. script. You always need a retest,when starting after 3 months, D takes that long. This is to check both levels again., adjust if needed . PTH is not necessary unless calcium over range ( corrected), then you have blood tests for PTH, corrected calclium and vit D, all done at the same time, AM, If all 3 gone high, over range, or 2 high and the D high for you, ten you need the PTH nuclear scan and C of the PTH and thyroid ultrasound.

Best wishes,


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Thanks, Jackie. I'll tackle the D first and book a test so my GP can keep an eye on it.

Many thanks to you both for replying.


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