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Blood test results back

Hi Redone private blood tests after a year which resulted in me getting my Levo increased from 50mcgs to 100mcgs.... Correcting avitamin d deficency of minus 7.5...,, latest labs show tsh o.o89 ft 4 24. 35 and ft3 4.6...., and I now have a folate deficency b12 has increased from a year ago despite not supplementing too!! I'm reluctant to let gp know about the thyroid results l do not want reduced... After spending 4 years on 50mcgs without a thyroid! But I've the folate defucency and all crp was raised. , lab ranges for tsh, ft4 and ft3 are tsh 0.270 /4.200 ft4 12/22 and ft3 3.1/6.8... I do not feel hyper ...I know with ft3 been where it is this does not make me hyper but gp won't see that! What would you do? I now have to Learn all about folate lol never ending! Notes tell me to see gp!

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DeniD, Did you leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw?


Yep I did actually was out 19 hours!


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