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Left confused after thyroid ultrasound

Right so my history - blood tests I'm Dec showed subclinical hypothyroidism, repeated end Jan. Tsh raised, t4 bottom of scale. Then I noticed a nodule. Gp noted thyroid generally enlarged & referred me for a ultrasound.

So today I had my ultrasound & the Dr said he was flummoxed. He said he was expecting to see a hashi thyroid but didn't. That he'd not ever seen a thyroid like mine in all his years. The nodule has no blood supply so benign & does not require FNA. He said it is clear that I am currently suffering from acute thyroiditis & the thyroid looks very abnormal. Lacey looking.

He asked what antibodies I had tested positive for. I told him TPO & he seemed very confused & said he'd not heard of them. Then thought about it for a while & said 'oh thyroid peroxidase'! Maybe early hashi then.

Finally he said that he suggests that they keep a close eye on my levels.

Anyone else experienced anything like this. I was kind of expecting it to be more clear cut that this, not just ' I don't know what course to suggest really'


I am seeing go next week to ask for a highter dose of Levi as he has prescribed 25 mcg.

Any thoughts welcome.

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Well, that consultation must have filled you with confidence :) I think not.

I believe most endocrinologist know more about diabetes than a thyroid gland problem. 25mcg is such a small dose and I would ask your GP for an increase. Usually, unless you are very frail, 50mcg is a starting dose with a blood test every six weeks until you feel better.

Sometimes some people can get thyroiditis which may not last long and your thyroid gland becomes normal again.

When you get your next blood test leave about 24 hours gap between taking levo and the test. Take levo after it.

Have the test as early as possible and get a print-out of the results with the ranges and post on a new question.

If you haven't had a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be checked too as we can be deficient.


Thanks Shaws, yes I will ask for those to be tested too.


It is probably worth asking for a second opinion.


Thanks for the reply Humanbean, yes I think I will see what the hospital report back to my Gp & go from there.

Although the nurse said this is Dr Blardy blah I had assumed he was a sonographer rather than an endocrinologist. Would an endocrinologist actually perform the ultrasound?


tjtjtj, I doubt an endo would perform an ultrasound but a registrar would. Yours sounds very inexperienced if he hasn't heard of TPOab and doesn't realise that a coarsened texture of the thyroid gland is consistent with Hashimoto's. Hopefully someone more experienced will review the scan and Dr. Blardy's conclusions before the report is sent to your GP.


Thanks Clutter, yes hopefully he will share my scans with a colleague before making a full conclusion.

He said the reason my thyroid wasn't consistent with hashi's was because it didn't wrap round the trachea & bulge at the front. Though he did say it could be that he normally sees people who have hashi's for many years.


Hi tjtjtj, sorry that I don't have any advice to offer but if it helps you feel better in any way I too have been left confused after an ultrasound so wanted to say you are not alone!

My GP was expecting it to confirm a diagnosis of autoimmune thyroiditis (as I gave tested positive for antibodies) but to check on the safe side that there were no malignant lumps. When I asked the guy doing the ultrasound about autoimmune thyroiditis, he just said 'no it doesn't look like that' but didn't give any more info than that (and I asked him twice). He said there were two lumps which looked 'benign enough' but he took a sample out of one to get it checked. A week later and I am still waiting for the results to strive with my GP....

I hope you get some answers soon!

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Th!b for your reply Ali. Sorry to hear you too are having a confusing time. I had thought I'd got my head around what was going on now feeling out on a limb again.

Hope your results come soon & clear for you. Waiting is horrible .

Yes surely testing postive for the antibodies must mean it's autoimmune? My result was TPOab 987 (normal range less than 40).


That should read Thanks Ali😊


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