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My GP has refused to send me for an ultrasound, after my private GP said he'd like to make sure all is well (I have throat pain after starting a very low dose of metavive supplement). It's not helped by splitting the dose into four rather than two. He suspects a problem with the proteins in the supplement, so has suggested a CRP blood test (ordered myself, again GP won't help) and a thyroid ultrasound. GP won't do it until bloods are back - their TSH was 1.6, private one was 4... - and THEN might refer me on. GAHHHHH.

Is there anywhere in Glasgow/Edinburgh that won't charge me £250? Is it worth doing even at that price?

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  • Disgraceful.

    I had the same trouble, spent £399 for a private scan in Harley St but at least go peace of mind. Sorry I cannot help more others on here are better than I am as I am struggling all the time with the negativity of some drs and their reluctance to do their job and their eagerness to save money.

  • thanks. It's ridiculous isn't it?

  • £300 for usss and report. Plus blood tests. Around 7 hundred quid altogether.

  • I think because it is a Private doctor advising you that doctor wont do them.

    I cannot answer your question, but hopefully someone in Scotland can.

  • She was cross because I'd gone for a second opinion after their tests said I was ok. I clearly wasn't and had been feeling a lot better apart from the throat irritation. It's all down to your TSH.

  • We are at the brunt end when TSH alone is considered without testing all of the thyroid hormones, particularly the Frees.

  • There appears to be a clinic in Glasgow £95

  • They no longer offer thyroid scans - thanks. I did call them to double check.

  • Shame they don't update their website !

  • Spire in Edinburgh charge £250 and Nuffield in Glasgow £290 :( None of the private ulstrasound clinics seem to go near thyroids! I wonder why... helvella have you got any ideas why?

  • warned off by GPs and the CCGs no doubt.

  • Some clinics won't scan any bits if you already have an existing condition affecting that particular bit.

  • Kittysmummy,

    If you stop taking Metavive and the sore throat resolves you won't need an ultrasound scan.

  • Good point: should I just stop though, or tail it off? Or just say to private doc "oi just give me some Levo & T3 to see if same happens"?

    Sorry for 100 questions

  • Kittysmummy,

    It's hurting your throat so just stop it and try an alternative thyroid supplement. If your TSH was over range your GP should prescribe Levothyroxine. Your private doctor may be able to prescribe Levothyroxine and T3, or NDT.

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