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had ultrasound of thyroid


i had ultrasound of thyroid yesterday as i asked my doctor two 3 weeks ago to have an ultrasound to see how healthy my thyroid gland was. so glad i asked, dr found two nodules my left side has enlargement 6cm x 3cm, the biggest nodule was 6mm and smallest nodule 3mm the right side was only 3cm by 2cm enlarged, he said over 95% are benign. im awaiting full results by letter within a week. should i be worried? and i think I may ask for FNA biopsy or is that not neccessary. im 37 years old female with TSH 6.7 now on 50mg of levothyroxine, waiting for increase in few weeks and blood test.

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p.s forgot to say i have elevated TPO and anti thyroglobulin antibodies, hashimotos.

Hi Minus. Is your largest nodule 6cm or 6mm? Mine is 4cm so FNA was done, but after anxiously waiting for 1month, result came back inconclusive, so need to repeat the FNA :((

minus in reply to sakura20

6mm is largest and smallest is 3mm.

Minus, 6mm is a small nodule and requirement for FNA is dependent on size and type of nodule, usually a large single nodule will be investigated. The full report will advise whether FNA is recommended and your GP is right that 95% of investigated nodules are benign.

minus in reply to Clutter

i expect mine will be too small for FNA clutter.

Clutter in reply to minus

Not necessarily, Minus, if it's felt necessary, although larger is easier.

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