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Hello everyone I found a lump on the front right of my neck unfortunately on Friday 13th june I then saw my doctor the following Tuesday and he said I had a lump on my thyroid and referred me for a ultrasound which I had 2 weeks later

I had to go back to see my doctor 2 weeks after the ultrasound for my results I was so nervous and maybe take it all in at the time he said I had a thyroid nodule and that a few percent can be cancerous and I would probably have a biopsy done to test the nodule but my first appointment with a specialist isn't until the beginning of September which I guess is for an examination and to talk about what happens next I'm just worried about the length of time waiting if there is a small chance it could be cancerous and so I was wondering if anyone had anything like this and how long it took to from finding it to getting treatment thanks

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  • Hi Cloudwalker

    I had a 'dodgy' nodule removed, it was benign as they often are. I had an ultrasound and they weren't concerned so nothing was done for 18 months I think, then I had a fine needle aspiration (biopsy) but the cells they got were inconclusive, this was 4 years ago and I don't know if techniques have improved now.

    So I had a partial op about a month later. In hindsight, I would gladly have had other biopsies/tests to confirm it was necessary to have half my thyroid removed, but I couldn't take the chance. I was told it was an easy fix, but my half a Thyroid struggles. There are several members on here who have experienced similar.

    with best wishes Jane :D

  • Hi Jane

    Thank you for your reply I feel so much better having people in a similar situation to talk to and I hope you are feeling okay take care

  • Cloudwalker, my FNA biopsy was 6 weeks after I found my lump. FNA was inconclusive but surgery was scheduled to remove the lump which was compressing my windpipe making breathing and swallowing difficult. Surgery was 5 months later and post op histology was Hurthle cell carcinoma resulting in completion thyroidectomy 3 months later.

    Thyroid cancers are very rare and 90% are also very slow growing so while the delay in finding out is very worrying the delay isn't compromising your health.

  • Hi Clutter

    Thank you for your reply too I hope you are okay and thanks for putting my mind at ease about the length of time I have to wait

    Take care

  • Cloudwalker, I'm doing ok now, thanks. Had no problems and very little pain with the ops but it took a long time to get my medication sorted after I was intially overmedicated. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hello,

    Next, you will likely have a Fine Needle Aspiration. They stick a needle in the nodule using ultrasound to guide them. The cells will then be examined. This doesn't always yield a conclusive result. I had three FNA and in the end a diagnostic hemithyroidectomy which confirmed Papilliary Cancer. So be prepared for non results.

    Nodules are still often benign so try not to worry and take it a step at a time.

    As Clutter said, even if it is Cancerous most thyroid cancers are very slow growing and a wait of a few months will make no real difference.

    All the best,


  • Hi Melissa. Did you have to have a full thyroidectomy following this or just a partial? Are u on thyroxine and if so are you doing ok?

  • Salsa, completion thyroidectomy is done when cancer is found to prevent the risk of recurrence.

  • Hi Melissa

    Thank you for your message I am sorry to hear that both you and Clutter were diagnosed with cancer I hope you are both okay now, I have read a few posts which say fine needle aspiration can be inconclusive even the vet we take our dog to said the same about a lump he had and they said taking it out straight away was best, it's just the word cancer it's so frightening just hearing the doctor say there is a small chance it could be I also suffer with endometriosis too so I feel pretty rubbish most of the time

    But thank you again and to everyone who has replied even though it's not a good situation for us to be in I am so glad we have each other to talk to so take care

  • A high percentage of lumps are benign especially multinodular ones, the FNA didn't hurt and the op wasn't too bad either. I think it's inconclusive as they only get part-cells, you have to see the cell walls, yes when the ENT doc said the word cancer to me, I just sat there and counted how many times he said it (20) I had no idea what he was telling me.

    btw have you had irons, ferritin, folate B12 and Vitamin D tested? All should be at optimum levels for better health. I was left unmedicated & labelled with CFS/ME, so I've decided to self-treat to feel better. Have you had a look round the main TUK site for further info?

    best wishes, Jane :D

  • I haven't had any of those tested all I've had so far is a thyroid function test which came back at 0.85

    Thank you for the link

    take care

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