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My post didn't post!

Oh so I had written a long post about my background but it didn't post and my history has lost it.... So the short version because I don't have the energy to type it all again.

I only have half a thyroid as half removed due to a cyst that they could not determine if it was cancerous. They seem to think what is left is working properly - I'm less convinced.

I had bloods done in January and TSH was 2.67. Also a scan was done showing a new cyst in what is left but they are not concerned.

Bloods have been redone as I wanted T3 and T4 checked they have also done Vit D and B12.

TSH is now 2.3

Vit D 34.7 nmol/L

B12 207 ng/L

T3 and T4 weren't done - however the GP phoned the lab and they are going to do them.

Do you think I should be supplementing and if so how much and any recommendations for good brands?

Many thanks

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Can you report this to please as it may be a glitch affecting other people.

Thanks! :)




Will do!


Welcome to the forum, Kbriggs.

Posts disappearing into cyber space does happen occasionally, unfortunately it is often when a long post has been written. Please report it to HU as Louise requested.

TSH 2.3-2.67 is possibly a little high for comfort but it is unlikely you will get treatment unless your FT4 and FT3 results are very low. It's good your GP has chased up the lab. Ask for a printout of the results with the lab ref ranges (the figures brackets after your results) as it helps members interepret them and post them in a new question.

Your vitD is very low. Optimal is 75-200. If your GP hasn't prescribed anything supplement 5,000iu vitD3 for 6-8 weeks and then cut back to 5,000iu on alternate days. Retest in 6 months. I'm using Doctor's Best softgel capsules and have previously used Now. Spray is also available.

B12 is also very low. Supplement 5,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches for 8 weeks and then maintain 1,000mcg daily. Take a B Complex vitamin too, which will keep the other B vitamins balanced. I've used BetterYou B12 spray and currently use Jarrows Formula.

If you buy via Amazon please use the affiliate link below as TUK earn a small commission.

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Many thanks for this. I have the print outs because I didn't believe them when they said everything was ok!


Yes, this sort of thing does happen with forum posting for a number of reasons.

So, always type out what you want to say in a text editor (such as Notepad), and then save it somewhere on your computer. Then copy and paste it into the post you are making. If that post doesn't come up, then you only have to copy and paste the text again rather than writing it all out.

The added advantage is that you have what you've written if you want to send it somewhere else.


If you have a long post, it's always worth typing it out into a Word document and then you can copy and paste on to here, then of course you can try again if it gets lost in the wash so to speak.


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