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TSH bloods and levels

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Hi all. I am so thankful for this site. Praise you all xx


Before I found I had a 6.5cm nod my

TSH was 1.58. Feb 18

Had a RTT 12th June taken 50 Levo

Bloods done 16th July. TSH 1.63

23rd July. Ferritin 79ug/L (24.0 - 336.0)

Folate 6.6 (3.1-19.9)

Vit b12 416 ng/L (180.0-914)

30th July left PTT 100 Levo

21st aug. Put up to 150 Levo

6th sept TSH 2.18

4th Oct TSH 2.44 free T4 19pmol/L (7.8-14.4)

17th Oct RAD

27th nov TSH 4.35

26th dec 200 Levo

Been to GP won’t do T3, vit D or free T3

I have to wait for next test on 11th jan

Any help would be great. Thanks you

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Hiya. Have you not been under endo after the radio iodine. Tsh way too high for post cancer. Mines usually 0.2 ish. Start shouting. I’m 2 yrs in and still moaning at them. Doesn’t help pathology just merged and a new platform is now used so numbers very different to usual. 😩

Could you edit your post and translate RTT, PTT, and RAD into English please.

To edit your post click on "More" below your post, then click on Edit, make your changes then click on Post.

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What help do you require Paul?

Replies to your previous posts have pointed out that you are undermedicated and that you need your TSH down to at least 1, possibly even lower.

As you have had thyroid cancer, one would hope that your doctor (endo or GP) would authorise FT3 testing. I imagine your endo is a diabetes specialist with not enough knowledge of thyroid. You don't need Total T3, you need Free T3.

If you can't get the full testing done through the NHS then maybe do what hundreds of us here do and that is private testing with one of ThyroidUK's recommended labs

Probably the best value is the full thyroid panel plus vitamins and minerals (including Vit D):

Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven - bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/t... and if you order by 31st December you can get 20% discount by using code ENDOFYEAR

Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit - medichecks.com/thyroid-func... and code THYROIDUK gives 10% discount


I don’t have an endo. I just see my GP 😭 and they are a waist of time. Only see my oncologist in Feb for radiation results. Do I need to just do a wait and see if the 200 mcg does the job? I just have no life at the min

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to paul1978

4th Oct TSH 2.44 free T4 19pmol/L (7.8-14.4)

That is a very high Free T4 considering your TSH

27th nov TSH 4.35

There is a big difference in your TSH. To compare results accurately we have to do the test under the same conditions every time. We always recommend when booking thyroid tests, always book the very first appointment of the morning and fast overnight (water allowed), this means have your evening meal/supper the night before then delay breakfast until after the blood draw, drink only water, no coffee, tea, etc, before the test.

This gives the highest possible TSH which is needed when looking for an increase in dose or to avoid a reduction. TSH is highest early morning and lowers throughout the day. It can also lower after eating and coffee also affects TSH. Also, take your Levo after the blood draw because if you take it before then your FT4 will reflect this and show higher than what is normally circulating. We usually advise 24 hours between last dose of Levo and blood draw so if you take your Levo in the morning then delay until after the test, or if you take it at night then delay that dose until after the test. These are patient to patient tips which we don't discuss with doctors or phlebotomists.

So if conditions weren't the same each time that could explain the difference in your TSH and it would be a good idea to follow the recommendations for testing in future.

Only see my oncologist in Feb for radiation results. Do I need to just do a wait and see if the 200 mcg does the job?

If you don't think you're going to get the full testing in February, personally I would do the private test I recommended now. At least you'd know what's going on.

Thank you x

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200mcg is a fair dose. The fact you still have high TSH suggests poor gut function, and/or low vitamins

But some people need higher dose. In the past, before TSH testing, 200mcg -400mcg was fairly routine

Which brand of Levothyroxine are you on?

Best to avoid Teva brand unless lactose intolerant

Like thousands of us on here, you will very likely need full Thyroid and vitamin private testing to make progress

Folate and B12 are on low side.

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paul1978 in reply to SlowDragon


My guts are a mess at the mo. Living on cereal 3 times day. Constipation is driving me mad and GP keeps giving me codine for pain but it constipation me.

Just stopped teva on Xmas day been on that sine June and I think it’s that what is causing my issues

Brand is northstar actavis

Got a wedding tomorrow night. Should I drink alcohol?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to paul1978

Strictly gluten free diet helps thousands on here.

Teva brand does upset very, very many people. It's a Marmite brand, most people hate it, a few, who are lactose intolerant love it


Get GP to make note on your record that you must npnot be prescribed Teva

Always stick on same brand, once you find one you prefer best

Magnesium supplements can help improve constipation. Low magnesium is common too, especially if vitamin D is low

Calm vitality magnesium powder is cheap and easy to use. Best to start low dose and increase slowly as too much can cause diarrhoea

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to paul1978

You will need to retest bloods 6-8 weeks after change in brand of Levothyroxine

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paul1978 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks. Do u think I should drink alcohol at a wedding tomorrow?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to paul1978

In moderation perhaps

Some can, some can't

Many of us are strictly gluten free, so no ordinary beer. But these days increasingly gluten free beer available

Obviously at a wedding it's champagne or sparkling wine mainly

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paul1978 in reply to SlowDragon

Thanks. Why does thyroid issues cause gluten free?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to paul1978

Most hypothyroidism is due to autoimmune thyroid disease also called Hashimoto's

Hyperthyroidism is due to autoimmune thyroid disease called Graves

Both these tend to cause (or are caused by) leaky gut

Thousands of us with autoimmune thyroid disease find strictly gluten free diet helps improve symptoms




But because you have been inadequately treated and Teva brand may be at the cause of this, your gut function may be compromised as result too


Gluten free diet is Something to consider in the spring if gut still not improved.

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paul1978 in reply to SlowDragon

Thank you

in reply to paul1978

If you get constipated why not take some lactulose this can be bought from the pharmacy for around £3. I have to take this sometimes as I have no gallbladder. This was recommended to me by my local pharmacist it's gentle.

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I have deleted your duplicate post, no point in having two of the same post as it gets confusing for those responding.

If you are "living on cereal 3 times a day" it's no wonder you are constipated and not feeling well - your body isn't being adequately nourished. So, given these conditions, I think alcohol would be an unwise choice .....

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paul1978 in reply to MaisieGray

Hi. I just can’t find anything to eat to help the constipation

I eat a lot of bread and fatty foods. Have all my life

Never eat veg or fruit

Just don’t know what to with my self at the moment

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MaisieGray in reply to paul1978

"I eat a lot of bread and fatty foods. Have all my life.

Never eat veg or fruit"

I'm guessing you know what the answer is Paul. I think being constipated is the least of the problems you could be stacking up, and that was when you had a functioning thyroid. Even with optimal thyroid hormone replacement if/when you reach that point, you are a person without a thyroid; and it's imperative that you nourish your body very well, for countless reasons. Not wishing to be in any way a nag of course, but with a thyroid disorder, we can't play fast and loose with our nutrition.

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paul1978 in reply to MaisieGray

Thank you the problem is I don’t know how to nourish my self. May be buy multi vit and take daily?

I have had a bad diet for 30+ years

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MaisieGray in reply to paul1978

1. Eat a balanced and varied diet.

2. Have a comprehensive set of blood tests that include vitamins and minerals as advised by SeasideSusie above, and post the results for her and others to comment.

3. Supplement only where the tests results confirm you have a deficit.

4. Apart from a good B Complex if your results identify you need it, avoid multivits - they often don't provide the levels you need, or the forms that are best, can include things you don't need, or definitely shouldn't be supplementing inadvisably such as copper, or include things that work against each other.

5. Prepare to feel better!

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paul1978 in reply to MaisieGray

Thank you

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Nanaedake in reply to paul1978

I know you don't have diabetes but the diabetes.co.uk website have good dietary advice that could benefit someone who needs to improve nutrition. You can even register for a programme that helps to change the way you eat. I'm not diabetic but following the advice on a low carb, high (good) fats diet has made me eat more healthily. lowcarbprogram.com/?utm_sou...

in reply to paul1978

I know this might sound odd but I find that I am not constipated after eating something fatty which I don't do often. Eating and very healthy diet i.e. fibre fruit and veg makes me constipation, the very opposite of what we read. I have been eating all the wrong things over Christmas cake, sweets, cream and I am fine, no constipation, lovely but very unhealthy long term.

Hello Paul

There is a book Your Thyroid and how to keep it Healthy - by Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield -you may not now have a thyroid but this is an excellent easy to read book explaining much of what has happened and what you now need to do to get your body stronger enough to

withstand life without a fully functioning major gland.

You need to read and equip yourself in order to get yourself back on track.

In my experience the Nhs seems to be somewhat unconcerned about ongoing thyroid symptoms and are much restricted in the treatments options they can offer you.

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