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So so happy to be improving but still not feeling 100% - help/advice on latest bloods please

Hello again. Don't know where I'd be without this forum!

A quick recap - started on 50 Levo in October and after a wobble, advice from the lovely helpful people here, and more blood tests I upped dose to 75mg. Both times started to feel better and then gradually worse. Have recently been taking 75 and then 100 on alternate days. Supplementing with zinc, B12 + B complex and Vitamin C.

Latest bloods show an improvement in cholesterol, (lost 4 kgs since Christmas) don't feel nearly as cold as before - my average temp is now 36.1 (35.9 on waking!) Aches and pains on the whole are improved and I don't need to constantly take painkillers - so all in all better than a year ago

(or should I say way better than the last 15 years!) but still got fuzzy brain, generally tired and yawning a lot but that's probably down to not sleeping well.

I know I'm on the right track of the problems relating to underactive thyroid but am I being ridiculously impatient and expecting too much too soon.............?

The results are:

FT3.......... 3,31 ng/l ( 2,0 à 4,4 ) previously FT3 4.1 (2.6-5.7)

FT4.......... *1,69 ng/dl ( 1,00 à 1,60 ) previously FT4 16 (9-19)

TSH......... *0,21 mUI/L ( 0,27 à 4,20 ) previously TSH 0.6 (0.4-5.0)

The ranges are different because the latest tests are from a French lab and the previous ones were from UK. I didn't take Levo for 24 hours before testing at

I would be so grateful for any advice/comments please.

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Mama-chutch, 15 years of symptoms aren't going to disappear in 3 months. Thyroid improvement is very s l o w but you are on the right track now and can look forward to more improvement in the future. It took me another 8 or so weeks to feel as good as my bloods suggested I should be feeling. Symptoms take a while to catch up with biochemistry.

Your TSH is good and FT4 is only a gnat's over range (nothing to worry about). FT3 is just over half way through range but should improve further on your current dose as FT3 responds less quickly than TSH and FT4. Skipping your dose for 24 hours prior to testing means you can probably extrapolate your FT3 +20% to 3.9.


Thanks for looking at the numbers and reading the post Clutter. Patience isn't my middle name but I'm so relieved to know that, in theory, things will get even better!


Mama-chutch, patience may be a virtue in some things but it's hard to cultivate when you've been ill and are recovering. I think you should continue to have improvement and the long awaited spring and summer gives most of us a boost too. :)


Thanks Clutter - really looking forward to a brighter future and I certainly couldn't have said that a while back!

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